2017 Senior USBC TEAMS

There are 9 teams entered. Teams are listed in alphabetic order. After entries close and seeding is complete, the teams will be listed in seeding point order.

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs). Players in red have bids requiring advance preparation and have submitted ASF(s) for them. You can click on the player's name to see those forms.

Click on a team name for more information about the players


Robert Cappelli, Capt
David Caprera
Robert Bitterman
Anne Brenner


Vinita Gupta, Capt
Kit Woolsey
Steve Robinson
Billy Miller
Fred Stewart
Peter Boyd


Hemant Lall, Capt
Ron Smith
Robert Hamman
Reese Milner
Steve Garner
Bart Bramley


Paul Lewis, Capt
Jim Krekorian
Doug Doub
Linda Lewis
Drew Casen
Mark Itabashi


Jim Mahaffey, Capt
Neil Chambers
Matthew Granovetter
Sam Lev
John Schermer
Russell Ekeblad


Frank Nickell, Capt
Ralph Katz


Bill Pollack, Capt
Mark Feldman
Larry Robbins
Ron Rubin
Peter Friedland
Steve Beatty


W. Thomas Reynolds, Capt
William Hall
Lance Kerr


Eddie Wold, Capt
Marc Jacobus
Dennis Clerkin
Michael Levine
Mike Passell
Jerry Clerkin