2017 Women's USBC TEAMS

There are 5 teams entered. The teams are now listed in alphabetic order. After the Round Robin, the teams will be listed in bracket order.

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs). Players in red have bids requiring advance preparation and have submitted ASF(s) for them. You can click on the player's name to see those forms.

Click on a team name for more information about the players


Lynn Baker, Capt
Kerri Sanborn
Tobi Sokolow
Karen McCallum
Irina Levitina
Janice Seamon-Molson


Joanne Weingold
Migry Zur Campanile
Beth Palmer
Dennis Clerkin, NPC
Jill Meyers
Sylvia Shi
Shannon Cappelletti


Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Capt
Cindy Bernstein
Linda Lewis
Claire Tornay


Teri Smoot, Capt
Ginny Curtis
Mary Ose
Brenda Pugsley


Pamela Wittes, Capt
Cheri Bjerkan
Ljudmila Kamenova
Rozanne Pollack