System Summary Form, 2017 MSJUSBC

Team: Rockoff Last Updated Dec 11, 2017 at 22:44
Players: Cyrus Hettle - Daniel Sonner

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Direct 1NT overcalls are 8-17 and show a four-card or longer major and a longer minor. If opener's bid was natural showing 3+ cards in the suit bid, that suit will not be one of the two promised by the overcaller. If opener's bid could be short, either major and either minor are possible.

General Bidding Style

Meckwell Lite Precision.
We open all 11 and some 10 counts. We may open lighter in third seat, including an occasional four-card major.
1NT is 10-13 in first, second, and third seat NV, 14-16 otherwise.
2/1 is forcing to game.
Preempts vary widely based on seat and vulnerability. For instance, second seat vulnerable preempts will usually be sound, while third seat nonvulnerable preempts may be very light and/or based on a five-card suit but are wide ranging so may also be very sound.
Non-jump overcalls are generally sound.
Weak jump overcalls and preempts are wide ranging opposite a passed hand.

1C is 16+ and some very distributional hands.
1D is usually 2 or more diamonds and 11-15 HCP. Hands with a singleton DK and 3=4=1=5, 4=3=1=5, 4=4=0=5, or 4=4=1=4 shape, or singleton DA or DQ and 3=4=1=5 or 4=3=1=5 shape may also be opened 1D when they have 3 small in the major. When NV in first, second, and third seat, 1D also includes balanced hands with 14-16 HCP.
2C shows 6+C and 11-15 HCP (may be a strong 5-card club suit with a 4-card major in third seat.)
2D shows 3=4=1=5, 4=3=1=5, 4=4=0=5, or 4=4=1=4 shape and 11-15 HCP.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs. suits: 3rd/low. Top of honor sequences. A from AK except at 5 level or above.

vs. NT: 4th. Top of honor sequences. A is power lead asking for count or unblock. K asks for attitude.

Defensive Signals

Upside-down count and attitude, except standard present count in a count situation where count could not have been given the previous round.

Priority to partner's leads is attitude, then count, then suit preference.

We sometimes give trump suit preference, and occasionally trump echo to show count.