United States Bridge Championship - 2018

Round of 16 (120 boards)

Set score of form "Ax" is preliminary with a pending Appeal and is not included in TOTAL
13-MAY-2018 The colored score boxes indicate the team with seating rights for that segment of play. Print this Page
3Rosenthal240     1222233419412465  
14Schireson190     352219152175615  
4Lall318     3031424824173591  
13Molson185     724163015453216  
5Morris240     444716186323542  
12Lo207     16276295932335  
6Borker200     402127134115736  
11Juster249     1544304824342133  
7Mahaffey225     32224353828165  
10Meltzer215     2720464910162819  
8Robinson187     332328153162724  
9Fireman264     3355123925401545  
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