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2014 USBC

The 2014 USBC will select the USA1 team for the 2015 Bermuda Bowl.

Location & Dates

The 2014 USBC will be held at the Scottsdale Embassy Suites, Phoenix, AZ, starting on Friday, May 9th and  ending on Sunday, May 18th. Room rate for the USBC is $139 per night, including internet. You can make reservations online at our designated reservation page. You can also make reservations on the regular Hilton reservations page by entering the code "USB". To make reservations by phone, call 1-800-EMBASSY and provide the "USB" code. If you have any problems with hotel reservations, email Jan and she will try to straighten things out. The cut-off date to make reservations at our rate is Thursday, April 24th.


The format of the 2014 USBC will be 5 2-day stages: the first stage will be a Round Robin among all teams except those with byes to the Knockout phase; the other stages will be 120 board Knockout matches, starting with the Round of 16 on Sunday, May 11 and Monday, May 12 and ending with the Finals on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18.

Sixteen teams have entered the 2014 USBC. Three teams have byes. The remaining 13 teams will play a two day complete Round Robin to select eleven teams to join Gordon in the Round of 16.


The Nickell team earned the top seed and a bye to the Round of 8. The Fleisher team earned a bye to the Round of 8 and will be the 2 seed. The Gordon team earned a bye to the Round of 16. They will originally be seeded 3 but will be randomly shuffled with the highest-seeded team that emerges from the Round Robin to determine whether they are the 3 or 4 seed.

Seeding, Setting the Bracket

The teams are now listed in KO bracket order. To see the list of teams entered, click here or on the "teams entered" menu item under "2014 Open USBC." To see information about seeding and team seeding points click here.

As soon as the qualifying teams from the Round Robin were known, the DICs randomly shuffled the 3rd and 4th highest seeded teams into slots 3 and 4, the next 2 highest ranked teams into slots 5-6, the next 2 into 7-8, the next 2 into 9-10 and so on. The first through fourth place teams in the Round Robin received additional seeding points and Diamond, the Round Robin winner exercised their option of re-shuffling. Because Diamond had originally shuffled with Gordon, a team that had a bye to the Round of 16, the reshuffle was with the team 2 places behind Diamond - Fireman, and after the reshuffle, those teams traded positions.


Click here to get to the results page for the USBC. Once there, you can click on the stage of the event in which you are interested.

Available Documents

Final Conditions of Contest for the 2014 USBC

The General Conditions of Contest are available in PDF format.

Positioning Points, Individual Positioning Points and Seeding Points are available in PDF format.

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