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SILVER FOR USA1 in the Damiani Cup (U21)

Congratulations to USA1 for winning the Silver Medal in the Damiani Cup (Under 21) in the 2014 World Youth Teams Championship. Ben Christensen, Nolan Chang, Chris Huber, Oren Kriegel, Kevin Rosenberg & Cole Spencer finished the qualifying Round Robin in fifth place. They defeated China by 13 IMPs in the Quarterfinals (having started 11 IMPs behind as a result of their loss to China in the Round Robin). They defeated France by 20.5 IMPs, having started 4.5 IMPs ahead as a result of defeating France in the Round Robin.

In the final, USA2 played Sweden, who had won the Round Robin, defeatied the Netherlands by 41 in the Quarterfinal and Norway by 75 in the Semifinal. At the half in the Final, USA1 led by 15 IMPs on the strength of a very strong third segment. Sweden came on strong in the 4th and 5th sets, to lead by 52.5 after 5 of 6 segments. The teams played even in the final segment, so Sweden won the match and the gold medal.

USA1 original 4

 Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen & Chris Huber, who won the USA1 spot at the 2014 Junior USBC.

Nolan Chang
 Cole Spencer

Nolan Chang & Cole Spencer were added to the team for the WYTC.

US teams finished 5-8 in the Ortiz-Patiño Cup (Under 26) and the Rona Cup (Women Under 26), and ended the Round Robin in 10th (U21) and 12th (U26) places after the Round Robin.

In the Board-A-Match teams, five of the USA1 Under 26 team won Gold. Congratulations to Zach Brescoll, Adam & Zach Grossack, Adam Kaplan, Owen Lien and new teammate from Sweden Adam Stokka.


Congratulations USA1 Teams on Making Knockout Stage in WYTC

Congratulations to USA1 in the Under 21 division, USA1 in the Under 26 Division and USA in the Women Under 26 division on making the Knockout stage in Turkey. The USA1 U21 team finished 5th after the Round Robin and will play China in the Quarterfinal KO match. The Young Women's team finished 7th after the Round Robin and will play the Netherlands in their Quarterfinal match. Both teams will start the Quarterfinals down 11 to their opponents, but we all hope they'll win those 11 IMPs (based on the results of their head to head match in the Round Robin) back on Wednesday.

The Under 26 teams finished their Round Robin on Tuesday. USA1 finished third in the Round Robin. They will play the Netherlands in the Quarterfinals Wednesday, and will carry over 9.5 VPs as a result of their head to head match in the Round Robin.


Five USBF teams will start competition in the 2014 World Youth Team Championship in Istanbul, Turkey on Thursday, Aug. 14th.

The tournament will be shown on BBO Vugraph. Vugraph schedule is here; page with player profiles, links to convention cards and other useful information is here.

USBF teams are: USA1 in the Patiño Cup (Players Under 26): Marius Agica-Owen Lien, Zach Brescoll-Adam Kaplan & Adam & Zach Grossack, NPC Michael Rosenberg; USA2 in the Patiño Cup (Players Under 26): Greg Herman-Alex Hudson, Jimmy Wang-Erli Zhou & Edmund Wu-William Zhu, NPC Curtis Cheek; USA1 in the Damiani Cup (Players under 21): Nolan Chang-Cole Spencer, Oren Kriegel-Chris Huber & Ben Kristensen-Kevin Rosenberg, NPC Barry Goren; USA2 in the Damiani Cup (Players under 21): Hakan Berk-David Soukup, Arjun Dhir-Christian Jolly & Allison Hunt-Burke Snowden, NPC Tom Carmichael; and USA in the Rona Cup (Women under 26): Julie Arbit-Isha Thapa, Asya Ladyzhenski-Anam Tebha & Marianna Linz-Becca Wernis, NPC Karen McCallum. Click on the team name in blue to get to team profiles with pictures of the players and NPCs and biographies of those who provided them.


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