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Change in USA2 Venice Cup Roster
Sylvia Moss is unable to go to Chennai for the Venice Cup for health reasons. The USBF Credentials Committee and  Board have approved the request of USA2 to replace Sylvia with Juanita Chambers. We wish the team the best of luck and hope Sylvia will be back playing bridge very soon.
2015 USBF ELECTION - Nominating Committee Slate

Three members of the USBF Board of Directors will be elected in 2015. Each will serve a three year term ending January 1, 2018. 

The USBF Nominating Committee has nominated the following people for the three seats:
     Greg Humphreys
     Bob Katz
     Beth Palmer

 Greg Humphreys Beth Palmer
                Greg Humphreys
                      Beth Palmer


Bob Katz
  Bob Katz (Currently on Board 

In accordance with the USBF Bylaws as clarified in the Election Procedures, additional candidates may be added to the slate by petition, as follows:

  • 4.    Petition Candidates
    Active Members in good standing may be added to ballots by petition. A valid petition application form requires twenty-five (25) Active Member signatures. Petitions must be received at USBF headquarters no later than twenty (20) days prior to the ballot mailing date.

The ballot mailing date is October 22nd so the last day to submit a nomination Petition is October 2nd.

If there are no petition candidates, the three candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee will be elected without need for voting. 

2015 Hua Yuan Cup Team Selected

After pairs self-nominated for the 2015 Hua Yuan Cup team and all women players who had made the finals of  one of the last five  Women's USBCs ranked the nominees, and tabulators Robb Gordon and Jonathan Weinstein conducted an "instant runoff" election, the USBF Board approved the team selected by this procedure. The USBF team for the 2015 Hua Yuan Cup, to be held Nov. 8-14 in Beijing, China, will be:

 Cheri Bjerkan &
Rozanne Pollack
Cheri Bjerkan, photo by Peg Kaplan
Rozanne Pollack, photo by Peg Kaplan
 Lynn Deas &
Disa Eythosdottir
 Lynn Deas, photo by Peg Kaplan Disa Eythosdottir, photo by Peg Kaplan
 Irina Levitina &
 Kerri Sanborn
 Irina Levitina, photo by Peg Kaplan  Kerri Sanborn

 Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

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