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2014 USBF Board Elected

Congratulations to Marty Fleisher & Sue Picus, who were elected to serve three year terms on the USBF Board of Directors, starting on January 1, 2014. They were nominated by the USBF Nominating Committee to fill the two vacancies on the Board, and there being no petition candidates, were elected without need for voting.

Marty Fleisher
Sue Picus

The full Board in 2014 will be:

Cheri Bjerkan
Marty Fleisher
Bob Katz
Sylvia Moss
Sue Picus
Howard Weinstein
Jonathan Weinstein

Four Teams Advance in U21 Junior USBC

Four Under 21 Junior teams have qualified for face to face competition in the 2013 Junior United States Bridge Championship. These teams finished first through fourth in the online qualifying stage of the U21 JUSBC. The event will continue with in person Training and Trials in Atlanta December 28-Jan. 2. The top two teams in the competition will represent the United States in the Damiani Cup (U21 event) at next year's World Junior Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

Semi-finalists, in order of finish in the online portion of the event, which consisted of one day of Round Robin play followed by one day of Knock In play after the Kriegel team advanced to Atlanta on the strength of their strong first day performance and the Chai team was eliminated after one day:

Kriegel (Oren Kriegel-Christopher Huber, Ben Kristensen-Kevin Rosenberg)
Harper (Brandon Harper-Ryan Miller, Hakan Berk-David Soukup)
Dhir (Arjun Dhir-Christian Jolly, Allison Hunt-Burke Snowden)
Weingarten (Matthew Weingarten-Nolan Chang, Cole Spencer-Evan Berman)

Good Luck to all of the teams in the next stage of the JUSBC!

Thank you to all of the generous sponsors whose contributions have made it possible for us to hold the Training and Trials event in Atlanta this year. Without their support it wouldn't be possible. Thanks also to BBO, who make online competition possible by providing the "bridge club" in which we play and extra support for these events.

The Round Robin Crosstable is available by clicking here. The scores for the first match of the Knock In are here and the second match here. You can find the play records on BBO.

Junior 2013 USBC U21 Competition
After the first day of online Round Robin competition in the Under 21 bracket of the 2013 Junior USBC, the first place Kriegel team (Oren Kriegel–Christopher Huber, Benjamin Kristensin-Kevin Rosenberg) has advanced to the Semi-Final competition in Atlanta in December. Kriegel advanced after only one day of Round Robin play because they were more than 20 Victory Points ahead of the 5th place team (with 4 teams to qualify). The last place Chai team (Daniel Chai-Edward Cai, Gianni Hsieh-Henry Trautwein), which was more than 30 VPs behind the 4th place team, has been eliminated after the first day of play.

The second day of online competition in the Under 21 bracket will be a Knock-In competition to choose the other 3 teams  (with Kriegal already in). The format is that used for 4-way matches with 3 survivors on the first day of major NABC Knockouts: First, the 4 teams are matched in pairs and each pair plays a 26 board head to head match. The two winners advance to the next stage (the Semi-Finals in Atlanta). The losers of that match play a second head to head match against each other and the winner of that match advances to the next stage. The team that lost twice is eliminated. Pairings for the first match are based on finish in the Round Robin: The Weingarten team, which was second to Kriegel after one day of Round Robin play, had the option of choosing its opponent from the fourth and fifth place Round Robin teams; the other two teams were paired.

The teams carry forward partial IMPs from their match on Saturday to their matches on Sunday. If the winner of the match between the two teams finished ahead in the Round Robin, that team carries forward 51% of the amount by which they won the Round Robin match. If the winner of the Round Robin match finished behind the loser in the Round Robin, they carry forward 34% of the score of their Round Robin match.

As a result of all of this, in the first match on Sunday, Weingarten will play Dhir and will start with a lead of 15.8 IMPs. Lieberman will play Harper and Harper will start with a lead of 6.8 IMPs.

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