The Women's International Trials Committee (WITTC) makes recommendations to the Board of Directors about the USWBC. The WITTC also considers other matteres of interest to women bridge players and sometimes makes recommendations to the ACBL Board of Directors about women's events. The committee meets at each NABC. Anyone interested in women's events is welcome at the meetings.  Normal meeting days are:

Spring NABC: Second Friday after the evening session.
Summer NABC: First Sunday after the evening session.
Fall NABC:  First  Saturday after the evening session.

The current Chair of the WITTC is Beth Palmer.

Members of WITTC

Beth Palmer, Chair
Cindy Bernstein
Cheri Bjerkan
Rozanne Pollack
Janice Seamon-Molson
David Sokolow
Peggy Sutherlin

Conditions of Contest Subcommittee

Cheri Bjerkan
Beth Palmer
David Sokolow


Minutes of the following WITC meetings in PDF format are available for download:

Spring, 2002
2002: Summer, Fall,
2003: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2004: Spring,  Summer
2005: SpringSummer,  Fall
2006: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2007: Spring,  Summer,  Fall
2008: Spring,  Summer, Fall
2009: Spring, Summer

2010: Spring, Summer

2011: Spring, Summer

2012: Spring, Fall

2013: Spring, Summer, Fall

2014: Spring, Summer

2015: Spring,