Mixed Team Gold went to the MANFIELD team: Melanie Manfield-Bill Pettis, Beth Palmer-Bill Cole, and Debbie & Michael Rosenberg.

2018 Manfield

Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, Melanie Manfield, Bill Pettis, Beth Palmer, Bill Cole. Photo by Margot Hennings


Mixed Pairs Silver went to Petra Hamman & Hemant Lall.

Lall Hamman Mixed silver

Mixed Pairs B Final Bronze went to Nanette Noland and Mike Passell

2018 Noland Passell

Women's Team Gold Went to the BAKER team: USBF members Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Irina Levitina and Kerri Sanborn, with English Players Sally Brock and Fiona Brown, and USBF member Beth Palmer as NPC

2018 Baker Team

Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Karen McCallum, Lynn Baker, Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn, Beth Palmer.

Rosenblum Bronze went to SPECTOR team: USBF Members Warren Spector-Gavin Wolpert, Vince Demuy-John Kranyak, John Hurd-Joel Wooldridge
Rand Senior Teams Gold went to MILNER team: USBF Members Hemant Lall-Reese Milner, Steve Garner-Mark Lair, with Monacan Krzystof Martens & Pole Michal Kwiecien; USBF Members Petra Hamman, NPC and Jacek Pszczola, Coach

2018 Milner

Mark Lair, Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczola, Michal Kwiecien, Steve Garner, Krzystif Martens, Petra Hamman, Reese Milner and Hemant Lall are flanked by Nissan Rand's grandchildren, who presented the trophy to them.

Rand Bronze went to WOLFSON team: USBF Members Jeff Wolfson-Michael Rosenberg, David Berkowitz-Bob Hamman, Bart Bramley-Kit Woolsey.
Senior Pairs Gold Went to Marc Jacobus and Mike Passell;
Senior Pairs Bronze Went to Mark Itabashi and Eddie Wold
Open Pairs Silver Went to  Joe Grue and Brad Moss

2018 Grue Moss

Brad Moss, Joe Grue

Women's Pairs Silver Went to Candace Griffey and Kathy Sulgrove
2018 Griffey Sulgrove

Candace Griffey, Gianarigo Rona, Kathy Sulgrove