2015 Junior USBC - U26 TEAMS

There are 6 teams entered. The teams are listed alphabetically, which is the order in which they are numbered for the Round Robin.

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs).
Players in red have complicated methods the SSF Review Committee recommends you study before playing against these pairs.
You can click on the player's name to see the SSF.

Click on a team name for more information about the players


Benjamin Bomber, Capt
Nathaniel Munger
Sean Gannon
Anant Rathi
Qucheng Gong
Blake Sanders


Arjun Dhir, Capt
Samuel Amer
William Zhu
Matthew Weingarten


Gregory Herman, Capt
Oren Kriegel
Jordan Kaye
Christian Jolly
Anam Tebha
Julie Arbit


Adam Kaplan, Capt
Adam Grossack
Kevin Rosenberg
Zachary Brescoll
Zachary Grossack
Benjamin Kristensen


You Hu
Weifeng Liu
Andi Guan
Zhuo Wang, NPC
Zhenyang Zhang
Liwei Zeng


David Yoon
Jeffrey Schwartz
Samuel Kuang
Brandon Harper