2019 Michael Seamon Junior USBC - U26 TEAMS

There are 9 teams entered. The teams are listed in alphabetic order which will be the Round Robin order.

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs).
Players in red have complicated methods the SSF Review Committee recommends you study before playing against these pairs.
You can click on the player's name to see the SSF.

Click on a team name for more information about the players


Yewen Fan, Capt
Nian Si
Hongji Wei
Boyuan Xiong


Elliott Gordon, Capt
Jacob Williams
Daniel Weiss
Jack Donaghue
Luke Williams


Raphael Hallerman, Capt
Gan Yang
Tak Chun Wong
Sean McNally
Shaowu Li


Adam Kaplan, Capt
Zachary Grossack
Yichen Yin
Benjamin Kristensen
Kevin Rosenberg
Arjun Dhir


Kyle Rockoff, Capt
Joseph Lieberman
Sarik Goyal
Christopher Welland


Isaac Stephani, Capt
Hakan Berk
Louis-Amaury Beauchet
Nolan Chang
David Soukup


Ilan Wolff, Capt
Daniel Sonner
Nathan Finkle
Cyrus Hettle


Yuchen Xu, Capt
Victor Xu
Zhiyu Cheng
Cynthia Huang
Thomas Scruggs


Yang Xu, Capt
Hengrui Xing
Di Wu
Jiaheng Hu
Morgan Johnstone
Chengbo Gu