2021 Senior USBC TEAMS

There are 7 teams entered. Teams are listed in alphabetic order & will be numbered in alphabetic order for the Round Robin

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs).
Players in red have complicated methods the SSF Review Committee recommends you study before playing against these pairs.
You can click on the player's name to see the SSF.

Click on a team name for more information about the players


Bob Cappelli, Capt
Dave Caprera
Bob Bitterman
Anne Brenner


Stephen Castellino, Capt
Bruce Blakely
Bob Thomson
Mukund Thapa
Richard Spitalnick


Naren Gupta, Capt
Hemant Lall
David Berkowitz
Zia Mahmood
Steve Garner
Alan Sontag


Mike Levine
Jeff Meckstroth
Mark Lair
Bob Morris, NPC
Eddie Wold
Eric Rodwell
Mike Passell


Linda Lewis, Capt
Ron Smith
Doug Doub
Paul Lewis
Billy Cohen
John Stiefel


Tom Reynolds, Capt
William Hall

Lance Kerr
Joe Viola


Doug Simson, Capt
Drew Casen
John Schermer
Jeff Aker
Jim Krekorian
Venkatrao Koneru