2021 Women's USBC TEAMS

There are 4 teams entered. Teams are listed in alphabetic order

Players in purple have submitted their system summary forms (SSFs).
Players in red have complicated methods the SSF Review Committee recommends you study before playing against these pairs.
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Lynn Baker
Kerri Sanborn
Janice Molson
Sam Dinkin, NPC
Karen McCallum
Jill Meyers
Disa Eythorsdottir


Margie Cole, Capt
Jenny Wolpert
Shannon Cappelletti
Sandra Rimstedt
Irina Levitina


Allison Howard
Gigi Simpson
Anam Tebha
Mike Cappelletti, NPC
Kay Enfield
Gen Geiger
Rose Meltzer


Pam Wittes, Capt
Cheri Bjerkan
Emma Kolesnik
Shawn Quinn
Rozanne Pollack
Amber Lin