System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: Reynolds Last Updated Apr 22, 2016 at 12:05
Players: W. Reynolds - Lance Kerr

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Opening 1D may be on a singleton diamond. The bid may include 4-4-1-4 hands of 11-13HCP. 1D-2C may be artificial and just show a balanced 13-15HCP 1D-2D is an 11-12HCP balanced hand with at least 2 diamonds and is not forcing. Over 1D-x we play transfer responses.

In defense of a short club (not strong artificial club) or diamond we double with a balanced opening bid (no 5 card major) and overcall 1NT with a TOD of the suit bid. If the opening is a nebulous diamond a 2C overcall is a TOD of Clubs.

Over the minors (except over strong artificial Club) we play two suit overcalls. Over 1C 2C is D+S, 2D is D+H and 2H is H+S. Over 1D 2H is H+S 2S is S+C and 2NT is H + C. The hand may be 5-4 if one suit can be bid on the 2 level but will contain 5H if it shows H or will show 5S if it does not.

Over a major a 1NT overcall is Raptor (4 of the other major plus longer minor.)

Over opponents strong artificial forcing club we play Brozel on the 1 level with a double showing C and H. Suits are natural on the 2 level.

Transfer responses over 1C (16+) including competition and flip-flop in the majors as applicable.
1C-1D-1H is Kokish. (1C-1D-1H shows 18-20HCP balanced or unbalanced with Hearts 16+HCP)
1C-1D-2D is Polish Club (Forcing with 21+ unbalanced or strong Diamond hand)

3NT is Namyats

Optional: May play Multi and Dutch 2 Bids

General Bidding Style

1NT 11-13NV. 14-15VUL. Gladiator responses. Transfers on 3 level.
4 Card majors NV with 14-16HCP, possibly a canapé into clubs.
Normally 5 card majors VUL except canapé into clubs or a 4-4-1-4 14-16HCP.
1 Club opening is 16+HCP with one of a suit openings 11-16HCP. 10HCP openings are rare and always unbalanced.
Transfer responses over 1C including competition and flip-flop in the majors as applicable.
1C-1D-1H is Kokish. (1C-1H-1H is 18-20HCP or Heart hand 16+HCP unbalanced)
1C-1D-2D is Polish Club (21+ balanced or strong D hand)
1NT response is not forcing
2/1 responses are not forcing to game. Partnership may subside in two of openers suit, 3 of responder's suit or 2NT
2D-2H-2S-2NT are intermediate/ACOL-like 2 bids

We generally don't run from 1NT doubled (1NT-x) unless we have the suit or shape to improve the contract. After 1NT-x-p-p redouble by the 1NT opener indicates a desire to run to a 5 card minor. If responder desires to run he redoubles showing a 5 card minor, the Majors or 5 S and a 4 card minor. A direct 2H/2S by responder is to play. 1NT-x-2C shows clubs and hearts, (hopefully 5 H) while 1NT-x-2D shows D + H (hopefully 5 H. After 1NT-P responder may transfer to a short suit with a very weak hand.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

A from AK
10 always promises on lead or in the middle of the hand.
2nd or 3rd from even, low from odd
Standard attitude, suit preference and count

Defensive Signals

We play Obvious Shift out of the book. Suit preference signals after trick 1.