System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: Gordon Last Updated Apr 8, 2016 at 14:19
Players: Michael Rosenberg - Jacek Pszczola

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D = Weak 2 in either major, 4-9
2H = 5-6-card H + 5-6-card other, 5-10
2S = 5-6-card S + 5-6-card minor, 5-10
1m-2H = 5(+)-card S + 4(+)-card H, 5-10
1C-2D = Artificial balanced LR
1m-2S = Artificial LR (if 1C then unbalanced)
1H-2S = 6(+)-card S, less than invitational
1M-3D = Artificial LR
1N-2D = usually transfer, includes some hands without H
3C-3D = Puppet to 3H, various hands
3C-3S = Natural, NF (but opener can bid)
Two-way doubles:

1) If we redouble our opening, then opener's double of advancer's non-jump bid is 4-card penalty or singleton.
2) If responder doubles their 2-suited overcall, then opener's double of a non-jump bid in a suit known to be held by LHO is 4-card penalty or singleton.
3) (2M-3M)P, X

We play (one level over their bid) C = Majors, D = 1 major, M = M + m in the following auctions:

1) They open 1N
2) They overcall 1N
3) They open 3m
4) They bid 1N-3N (or 2N-3N)
5) They bid 1m-3N (or 1m-2N)
6) They bid 1m-3m (or Weak (or Precision) 2m-3m)
7) They open 3N showing 1 minor

After overcall of our 1M opening, we play:

2N = GF raise
Cue = LR
Jump to 3M-1 = Mixed

Transfers after they double our 1M opening or overcall.

Double of WNT creates force thru 2H

General Bidding Style

1N = 15-17, quite often upgrade 14
5-card M. 4-card possible in 3rd/4th, but rare.
Can open light with shape
Can open very light in 3rd - usually for the lead
Tend to respond very light

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

4th from honors. Usually second highest from 3(+) small. Tends to be same after trick one

Honor leads vs. suits.

Standard, A from AK except:

1) Doubleton
2) Partner's suit
3) 5-level or higher
4) Declarer opened at 3-level or 4-level in 1st or 2nd seat
5) Alarm clock, usually shifting to stiff

Honor leads vs. NT

K asks count or unblock

Defensive Signals

UDCA EXCEPT versus suit contract on A lead and dummy has 3 or 4-card headed by the 10 or worse.

Priority is attitude on our lead, count on declarer's lead.

Standard SP if we can't win any more tricks in suit led.
Standard remainder count

Smith echo vs NT at trick 2 only) (unless holding is 'known', and not if count is needed.
Attempt to combine signals - attitude with SP and count with SP

First discard Lavinthal, except when hand already obvious