System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: Dinkin Last Updated Apr 10, 2016 at 07:42
Players: Owen Lien - Zachary Brescoll

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Artificial responses to Precision 1C
1D[10-15, 2+]- 2M = reverse flannery
1D-3C = C & D, non-inv
1D-(1H)-1S = 0-3S
1D-(1H)-2H = 6+S
1D-(1H)-2S = minors, INV+
1D-(1H)-1NT = C weak or GF
1D-(1H)-2NT = D weak or GF

response to 1M
-2M-1 = 3-fit, good 9-14
1S-2D = 5+H, INV+ or 6+H, non-inv

Opening Precision 2D=10-15, 4415 minus 1 card
Artificial responses to Precision 2C-2D

many relay auctions use "ZZ" points [A=3, K=2, Q=1, singleton K or Q reduces one point]

(1C [not strong])-? 2C=nat, 2D=5+5+Ms

vs str artificial openings
VUL: X=good hand; xNT=non-touching suits (S+D or H+C); suit bids show next higher suit or the two suits above that (i.e. xD = H or S+C)

Non Vul: X=good hand, xNT=same as VUL, suit bids = natural or next two suits (i.e. xD = D or H+S)

vs Opp Strong NT [or passed hand vs weak, not vs 3rd seat]
DBL = a) 1 minor b) both Majors c) strong hand
2m = m + M
2M = nat
2N = a) C b) good 2-suit, not S+D/H

vs Oppenent's Weak NT [uph & all 3rd seat 1N]
X=penalty, 2C=Ms, 2D=H or S, 2M = 4M 5+m

Transfers after 1D-(DBL) start at RDBL
Transfers after 1M-(DBL) start at 1N

General Bidding Style

Relay Precision

Open 99% of 10 counts 1st seat NV
When Vul, still aggressive, but more reasonable.
Preempts 1st seat favorable are wide ranging and tend to be destructive at the 3-level.

1D=10-15, 2+D, rarely singleton A or K
2C=10-15, 6+C
1N=[1/2/3nv] 13-16, [3v/4] 15-17
2N=[1/2/3nv] 19-20, [3v/4] 20-21

Virtually all low-level doubles are for takeout.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs suit: Rusinow, A asks ATT, K asks Count, 3rd/5th, attitude if raised partner's suit.

Exceptions to Rusinow:
1) Partner's suit of 4+ cards
2) Partner has shown a strong NT or better
3) Preemptor leads a suit other than their own
4) Dummy's 1st bid suit
5) Partner has made a takeout double for 2 suits - i.e. (1C)-P-(1H)-X

vs NT: Standard honors, A/Q=ATT, K=Count/Unblock, 2nd/4th, including low from xx except if partner has shown 4+ cards in the suit. 9 promises 1 higher card which may be the T, T lead promises higher honor except the J. Lead middle from all 3-card holdings.

later: primarily attitude but can lead count if we feel that is more important or attitude is known.

Defensive Signals

udca, Reverse Smith vs NT, primary attitude, standard remainder count.