System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: Diamond Last Updated Apr 10, 2016 at 08:37
Players: John Diamond - Brian Platnick

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D = 11-15 HCP, short D (4315,3415,4414,4405)
1D-2H: less than inv with 5S's and 4 or 5H's
1D-2S: inv with 5S's and 4 or 5H's
1D-3C: less than inv with (54) or better in minors
1D-(Dbl): Rdbl=H, 1H=S, 1S=NT
1D-(1H)-2H = 6+S, any strength
1D-(2C)-2D/H/S are all transfers (competitive+) by UPH

General Bidding Style

1C strong = 16+ HCP
1D = 2+D, 10-15 HCP
2C = 6+C, 10-15 HCP
5-card Majors, 2/1 GF
1NT = 14 to 16 (Except 15 to 17 in 3rd vul, or 4th)
Balanced 10 or 11 point hands may be opened 1D or 1M
May respond to 1D or 1M with a very weak hand
1M (P) 2C could be a doubleton
1st seat NV vs V preempt can be light
When partner opens or overcalls 1M or 2M, and the next hand doubles (takeout, negative, support), we play transfers beginning with NT
Weak 2-Bids usually 6 card suits

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs NT: Rusinow (from 4-card or longer suit) down to the 9-8 (8 from 98 or 87)
vs NT: 4th best leads. Might lead 1st or 2nd from bad holding. Usually do not lead 2nd from 2 equal spots lower than the 9.
vs NT: 3rd/5th in partner's suit
vs NT: Middle of hand: lead original 4th best usually
vs Suit: 4th best usually. 3rd/low in a raised suit. May lead high from 3+ small in a raised suit or if partner can infer length.
vs Suit: A from AKx usually. K from AKx if 5-level or higher, 3-level preemptor declaring, or suit partner has bid the suit.

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude, and suit preference
Primary signal: Attitude
Occasional suit preference in trumps
Tend to split with 2nd highest in 2nd seat
Smith Echo vs NT (high encourages opening lead suit), except if obvious count situation