System Summary Form, 2016 USBC

Team: Jolly Last Updated Apr 11, 2016 at 13:04
Players: Gregory R Herman - Christian Jolly

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

4414 treated as balanced, often opened 1NT when in-range.

1C Opening = 11-(14-) BAL, 16+ ART UNBAL, or 18+ BAL. Weak NT may contain a 5cM.
2D Opening = Weak two in H or S; variable style, often 5-cards NV (occasionally V)***
2H Opening = Weak with H & S; (54)+ with either M longer V, may be 4-4 NV***
2S Opening = 10-15, =4 S, =5 C
***ACBL Defense available

1C-(P)-1D = Most 0-7 or single-suited D GF
1C-(P)-1H = 8+, 4+ S
1C-(P)-1S = 8+, 4-5 H
1C-(P)-2C = INV+ UNBAL, 6+ H or no 4cM
1C-(P)-2D = 8+, 44xx
1C-(P)-2H = INV+ BAL
1C-(P)-2S = MIXED, C&D or just D
1C-(P)-2NT = ART GF, H & another
1C-(P)-3C = MIXED, 6+ C
1C-(P)-3D = INV, 6+ D
1C-(P)-3H = MIXED, 6+ H
1C-(P)-3S = 1444 GF
1C-(P)-3NT = 65xx GF
1C-(P)-4m = Solid M

1D-(P)-2H = INV BAL
1D-(P)-2S = CONV D raise
1D-(P)-2NT = PUP to 3C, may be weak in C or several GF types.
1H-(P)-1S = 0-4 S, F1
1H-(P)-1NT = 5+ S, F1

Frequent use of transfers both in and out of competition. Frequent use of relays out of competition.

General Bidding Style

Light to very light opening style with unbalanced hands, moderate to light with balanced hands.
Light, but not very light, overcalling style. 4-card overcalls possible but infrequent.
Light to wispy preempting style.

1D opening in 1st/2nd is unbalanced, usually 4+ D, may be 3 with (41)35.
1M openings in 1st/2nd 5+ M, not (5332).
1NT 14+-17. Includes most above-average balanced 14s, not just those with a decent 5-card suit.
2C opening usually 6+ C, could be 5 with specifically 3415.
Variable style with 2D openings based on position and vulnerability; 5-card suits common NV, may be very poor 1st/3rd favorable. Same variability with 2H; usually (54)+ expected, occasionally 4-4 NV.

Distributional requirements on 1-bids relaxed in 3rd/4th, may be very light with a decent suit.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. Suits:
Honor leads: A asks Count if from AK, K asks Attitude, otherwise top of honor sequence. Length leads are 3rd from an even number, low from an odd number of cards.

Vs. NT:
Honor leads: K lead asks for Unblock or Count, A and Q asks for Attitude. Otherwise mostly top of honor sequences, though Q may be from KQ if unblock is not desired.
Length leads: Typically 4th best, except generally second highest from weak holdings.

Leads in the middle of the hand are typically attitude (low = encouraging). K asks for count in the middle of the hand.

Defensive Signals

Upside Down Count and Attitude, Standard Suit Preference and Present Count. Reverse Smith Echo vs. NT (lo-hi = ENC). Some suit preference in trumps.
Priority usually Attitude, then Count, then Suit Preference.
Signal often, but not always. Playing an ambiguous card to indicate uncertainty is acceptable.

As third hand, take time at trick one, whether we have a problem on that trick or not.