System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 Women's USBC

Team: Baker Last Updated May 15, 2016 at 20:21
Players: JoAnna Stansby - Pam Granovetter

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1C = strong, 17+bal, or 16+(prime 15)unbal (ART responses: 1D=0-7 hcp, 1H thru 3H = ART GF)
1D = 10-15 hcp, either 12-14 balanced or catchall opening for hands with no 5-card H/S, no 6-cardCs may be 0-1D if 4405, 4414, or (43)15
1D-1H, F1, may be fewer than 4Hs if 5-11 hcp and no 4-card Major. 1D-1H = less than gf. 1D-1S = 4+S usually less than gf.
1D-1NT and 1M-2C = art gf relay.
1D-2C thru 1D-3H = art gf unbalanced
1H-1S = 0-4Ss 1H-1NT=5+Ss, nf
1H-2D and 1S-2H = constructive raise (up to limit raise)
1S-2D = 5+Hs, usually less than gf
2C = 6+C, 10-15 hcp (1st, 2nd, 4th), may have 4-card Major or 4/5-card D then 2D = ART GF (2C 3rd seat may be very light and only 5-card suit)
2NT opening = 5+H & 5+minor, 15+ hcp (forcing)
3rd seat not vul: 1D/1M/2C may be light hcp
In comp: many ART responses. "negative double" shows cards, does not promise other Major and if inv+ values denies other Major. 1D-(1M): 1S=5+S nf, 1NT=4+4+minors,less than inv, may be passed, 2C=4OM inv, 2D=5+OM inv, 2M = 4OM GF, 2oM = 5+OM GF.
(your 1NT): 2C=Majors, 2R=transfer, 2S=4+S & 6+minor

General Bidding Style

balanced opening 12+ hcp, unbalanced openings are 10+hcp or fewer hcp if 6-4 with 3+ controls. 1M opening never 5332 (except possibly 3rd seat). 1H-1S* (forcing NT) or 1S-1NT denies 3-card support. 1M-2M may be zero hcp. 1NT opening is 12+-16, frequent 5-card Major, (12+/13 always includes a 5-card Major)
Negative free bids at 2-level after 1D/1M-(2m)

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

MUD from 3 small, otherwise 4th best
Lead A from AK except lead K: 1) Doubleton 2)5-level or higher 3)Partner's suit 4)Declarer or partner has opened at 3 or 4-level 5)Alarm clock, usually shifting to singleton
When shifting thru declarer we lead the jack or 9 from a weak holding, but the 10 from a strong holding. The lower the spot card we lead in the middle of the hand, the more we want the suit returned. Vs NT Lead of the jack denies a higher honor. Lead of the 10 shows an interior sequence (AJ10, KJ10, A109, K109, Q109).

Defensive Signals

High = encouraging/even. Low = discouraging/odd.
Signal on partner's lead is attitude. At trick one, low card suggests the obvious shift (the suit we bid, or in order of preference the weakest of dummy's 3-card suit, 4-card suit, 2-card suit, 5-card suit. Signal on declarer's lead mostly suit pref (count when needed). First discard in a suit is usually attitude.