System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: McAllister Last Updated Apr 19, 2016 at 21:13
Players: Oren Kriegel - Ron Smith

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2C-2D-3M = nonforcing, like an Acol 2M opening, 8.5-9 playing tricks, maybe light in HCP

2D opening = Flannery
- 11-15 HCP (maybe a good 10 or poor 16)
- 5+ hearts, 4 spades (maybe 5-6 with 10-bad 12 HCP)

3NT opening in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seat = both minors (at least 6-5 either way).
- When NV, mostly preemptive
- When vul, relatively few HCP but lots of playing strength (~4.5 losers)
- Can be a very strong distributional hand, planning to take further action

General Bidding Style

Mainstream opening style: open some balanced 11s when NV, few when vul

Third seat may be quite light, 1M may be 4

Fairly sound preempts when vul, lightish but not extreme when NV. In third seat, preempts can be a little lighter, but still fairly normal

1NT = 15-17 (can be a good 14)
1D = 4+
1C = 2+ (only 2 with 4=4=3=2)

Over 1m:
2H = 11-12 balanced
2S = mixed raise
2NT = GF balanced, may contain a 4-card major

1m (overcall or X) 3m = limit

1M-2C = GF, 2+ clubs; can contain as many as 5 in the other major with support for opener's major

1H-2S = constructive, 6+ spades

1M (overcall) 2NT = exactly limit raise; cuebid = GF raise

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. suits:

Standard honors, A from AK except:
- 5-level and higher
- partner's suit
- your own raised suit
- AK doubleton
- when an opponent preempts at the 3-level or higher and becomes declarer

3rd from even, low from odd, including mid hand (but might lead high from a poor holding).

Vs. notrump:

Rusinow honor leads (trick 1 only):
- A = AK, asks for attitude
- K = power lead, asks count or unblock
- Q = KQ or Qx
- J = QJ or Jx
- 10 = J10 or 10x
- 9 = 109 or 9x (avoid the 9 from 9xx or 9xxx)

Lead Rusinow from 3-card holding (J from QJx).

4th best from length, may lead highest or 2nd highest from poor holdings (8 from 87x, 7 from 97x)

Mid hand, lead 4th best, but high (or 2nd) from a suit you don't like.

When shifting to an honor after trick 1 (both suits and NT), we play coded 9s and 10s:
- jack denies a higher honor
- 9 or 10 shows 0 or 2 higher (10 from KJ10 or 109x, 9 from Q109 or 9x)

Defensive Signals

Standard carding (high-low = encouraging, even, or high SP). Primary attitude, lots of suit preference mid to late in the hand.

Standard Smith echo vs NT (high = encouraging in opening lead suit).