System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 USBC

Team: Schwartz Last Updated Apr 20, 2016 at 20:11
Players: Richard Schwartz - J. Allan Graves

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

(1any) 1M (Neg X): 1N thru 2 under TRF, TRF to O�s suit is 3 trump limit raise.
1M (X): 1N thru 2 under our M TRF. One under in both Artif. 7-9 raise.
May O/C Comic NT Fav Vul with hand too weak to make a WJ O/C.
Vs Str NT: 2C = C+H, 2D = D+H, 2M NAT, X = S + Another suit
Vs Wk NT: PEN X, Landy, 2 Red TRF, 2S + S + long m, 2N = H + Long m.
Direct only: Q 1M-2M = Top bottom ; 2NT Two Higher ; 3M both minors
Tolerance XX: if simple suit overcall X'ed TO or SUP then XX = exactly 2 cards and competitive values or better.

General Bidding Style

Usually 5 card Majors (1N Resp-F, 5-12) 1NT 14+-17 (often with 5 card major, rarely 5422 or SING), 2/1 Forcing to game (2C suspect length), 3 level NS below 3M = 6+ INV.
3rd hand 4 good may be light, esp at Fav Vul.
may open Light balanced hands with quick tricks - ie 11
but may occasionally pass aceless 12
avoid overcalling bad suit in bad hand.
Richie may respond 1H/1m with 3 card suit and weak hand.
Preempts: may be light 1st and 3rd or at FV, 2D good suit, 4 level wide range

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs Suit: 3rd from even, low odd, but lead high from 4 small after raising partner�s suit. A from AK thru 4 level.( A asks attitude) Std. honor leads.
Count when K led vs 5 level
J no higher , 10 or 9 zero or 2 in middle of hand
Vs. NT: 4th best, but often lead high or second high from bad 4 card suits.
Usually low from xxx in partner�s suit.
King asks count or unblock; Ace or Queen asks attitude; Other honors std except middle of hand as noted above
Occ lead incorrect honor or spot.

Defensive Signals

Upside down attitude, standard count and Suit Pref,
J no higher 10 or 9 zero or two in middle of hand.

Signaling priority: Attitude, Count, Suit Preference, but give what�s needed most. Often give suit preference in the trump suit or side suit.
Smith Echo by both.
2nd hand honor splitting 0 or 2.
Also lead 0-2 higher in middle of hand