System Summary Form, 2016 USBC

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Bonnie Smith-Jeff Holligan

Team: Jacobus Last Updated Apr 21, 2016 at 01:13
Players: Bonnie Smith - Jan Janitschke

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Two over one game force
15-17 opening Nt's

Flannery : 4C and 4D by responder is always RKC for H and S respectively.

Wolfe relays for minor suits over 1NT opening.

4th suit transfers: lower bid by opener accepts and a new suit by responder is shortness.

One of a major- partner raises to two of the major: 2Nt by opener is a general game try.
Help suit game tries.

Reverse Ogust/ weak 2 bids;after opponents T/O double of weak 2 bid: new suit over double guarantees at least a doubleton in partners suit and is lead directing as well as other ramifications of the convention.

Gambling Opening 3NT always guantees a solid 7+ minor with 3-7hcp's on the side.

1Nt/ 2level Jacoby transfer/ trasfer acceptred/ double jump is a splinter and a slam try. If opener likes his hand he answers RKC bypassing the game level.
Mike Lawrence's reverse Drury over 3rd and 4th seat major suit openings.: 2c is limit raise. If opener bids 2 of major: signoff. If opener bids 2D, responder bids as follows: 2H is minimum 3card raise, 2S is maximum 3 card raise, 2NT is maximum with 4 card raise. If responder has a singleton, he does not bid 2c but bids 2nt with a singleton minor and 3 of the opener's major with a singleton in other major. Over a direct 2Nt response, opener can ask where singleton in minor is by bidding 3C. If it is C, partner bids the supported major. If it is D, responder bids 3D.

Defense vs unusual overcalls of 1 of a major:: 3D is always a limit raise in our major, 3C is forcing to game somewhere and promises at leat 5 of other major, 3Nt is forcing raise of major. Double of unusual Nt overcall is either penalty oriented or constitues a GF somewhere.
Over opponent opening weak Nt: double indicates a strong Nt and partner responds as if responding to a strong NT.
We use CRASH over the precision club and the one diamond response.
1precision D/ 2d by us if still Michaels.

General Bidding Style

We tend to open shapely 11 HCP hands. We overcall light at the one level for lead direction, and it could be a 4 card suit.
We like to bid against a strong club system if possible.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

4th best against NT generally. 3rd and 5th against suit. If suit has been bid and raised, then top from 3 small. We lead J denies and 10/9 implies 0 or 2 higher.
The lead of an A against NT suggests Holding the K and asks upside attitude for the Q.
Q against Nt asks for the unblock of the J. If a high honor is lead otherwise against NT and partner has it, this asks for the unblock of that honor.
Generally, if a suit is lead in the middle of the hand, a low card tends to promise an honor.
Regular Smith echo against NT

Defensive Signals

Upside count and attitude. Regular Smith echo against NT. Upside down attitude first followed by regular current count when suit is played second time. We use frequent suit preference when it appears to be necessary and applicable. We signal attitude and count when we think partner needs information to defend properly. We may give false information if we deem it to be unnecessary to the defense.