System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Reynolds Last Updated Jun 4, 2016 at 00:20
Players: David Pelka - Alan Daniels

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1S- 2D is a transfer showing 5+H and 10-12 HCP and is NF.
After 1D/H/S 2C is an artificial game force
Our 2NT opening shows 6C and 4D and 11-13 HCP with 3+controls.
Our 3NT opening shows a strong 4H/4S opening with 4-4.5 losers with no voids.
NT overcalls over short 1C/1D openings is for TO and double shows 11-13+ balanced.
2D opening is a weak two bid in either major and 5-10HCP showing 6 or 7 card suit.
Our 2H/2S openings show are natural and show a 5 card major with a 4 card or longer minor and 5-10 HCP

General Bidding Style

We play a strong 1C (16+HCP and 4+controls) system with transfer positive responses beginning at 1H through 2D. 1S transfers 1NT showing a balanced hand with no S/V. All of these bids show 8+HCP with 2+ controls and are forcing to 3NT or 4M.
We open 11HCP in our 5 card Majors 3+ Controls,
Our 1D opening shows 2+D and 11-15 HCP with 3+controls
1M-2NT is a 4+card LR or better, 1S-2H and 1H-2D show 3 card LR.
2C opening is Precision 5+C,11-15HCP and may have a 4 card side major or else is 6+C.
We play 15-17 HCP 1NT with occasional upgrades with 14 HCP. Our 1NT opening can contain a 6 card minor and many times a 5 card major
Natural 4 level openings show 7+cards unless NV vs. Vul then maybe 6 cards.
We overcall 8-17 HCP, 8-9 with a good 5 card major at the 1 level. 2level show 6 card suits or very good 5 card suits. Q-bid response to partner’s overcall shows LR+

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

We lead Rusinow against both suit and NT contracts on opening lead,unless partner has bid the suit then standard, 4th best leads against both suit and NT contracts. Upside down attitude, standard count. At the 5 level and above, K asks count, A asks for attitude

Defensive Signals

Our first priority is attitude, give count only when we think partner needs it. When discarding, we use upside down suit preference. Smith vs. NT