System Summary Form, 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Bitterman Last Updated May 3, 2016 at 19:01
Players: David Caprera - Anne Brenner

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

We play the following methods that may require advance preparation:
Precision club; 1D may be 2; 2C 6+ clubs, may have 4M, 10-15HCP; 2D short D, three suited, 11-15HCP.

General Bidding Style

Our general bidding style is:
Strong club, 16+HCP, 17+ if balanced. 1C-1H=8-11HCP not 5 spades. 5 card Majors. 14-16/15-17HCP NT. 2/1 Forcing to game. We open balanced hands with 11 HCP and unbalanced hands with 10 or 11 HCP.
May respond with a very weak hand.
Opening 2M wide-ranging, may be weak 5 card suit nonvulnerable, new suit NF.
1 level overcalls light, 2 level overcalls tend to be reasonable.
Most low level doubles are takeout.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. NT we lead 4th best, but will often lead high or second high from bad
holdings. Rusinow from 4+.
Vs. suits, we lead 3rd from even, low from odd. Rusinow, some exceptions.
4th from interest in the middle of the hand.
Reverse Smith vs NT: low cards in declarer’s first suit encourage the opening lead suit.

Defensive Signals

Upside down count and attitude, standard suit preference.
Signaling priority is Attitude, Count, Suit Preference but will try to tell partner what they need.
We may give suit preference in the trump suit.
Third hand suit preference against suit contract on opening lead with shortness in dummy.
We don't give the same signal twice.
Against slam contracts, we tend not to signal if to do so may help declarer.