System Summary Form, 2016 Senior USBC

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Paul Lewis-Mark Itabashi-Linda Lewis

Team: Lewis Last Updated May 18, 2016 at 11:50
Players: Linda Lewis - Paul Lewis

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Transfers after opponents' double 1 of a major opening bid, starting at 1NT(shows clubs). Flannery 11-15 with 2N asking sing.
Transfers after transfers over 1NT opening

General Bidding Style

12-14 point NT openings except 3rd seat.2/1 GF exc in comp when responder's suit is rebid or PH. A bid of 2C after partner opens is GF but cd be 2 cd suit usually balanced if 2 clubs. We open 10-11 with distribution in a major & less often with a minor. We rarely open balanced 11 except 3rd seat.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

A from AKx unless at 5+ level. 3rd from even & low from odd unless from 3(xxx) cd support Vs suits. 4th/attitude from bad holdings Vs NT if we can stand shift to another suit, otherwise we lead 4th. After opening lead, lead of 10 promises higher honor or shortness & J/9 deny unless trying to hold lead. K=power lead Vs NT with Rusinow leads unless leading dummy's suit. Leadd of short suit(3 or shorter) is STD.

Defensive Signals

USD count & attitude. Attitude at trick one. If we ld a supported suit & dummy has sing in suit contract we give suit pref and middle card says no suit pref or continue suit led. If attitude is known we give Suit Pref then count depending on need to know(count wd be unnecessary if declarer is running a suit). Trump suit pref unless its a ruff situation or holding prevents giving Suit Pref.