System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Bell Last Updated Jun 1, 2016 at 18:24
Players: Leo Bell - John Jones

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1C opening shows 2+ clubs with either a balanced 15-19 HCP or 12+ HCP unbalanced with clubs. 1C opener is rarely light unless very distributional.

Over 1H opening, 1S = 4 or fewer spades. If 4, it is a poor suit. 1NT shows at least 4 good spades.

Multi - weak 2 bid in either major (3-10 HCP depending on position & vulnerability)

2S opening shows a weak preempt in either minor.(Corollary: opening 3 of a minor shows a solid preempt and may include opening hand values)

Transfer responses to 1C opening

General Bidding Style

12-14 1NT opening
3rd seat opening may be very light

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

A from AK except 5 level & higher
Rusinow honor leads
3rd & low vs suits
4th vs. NT

Defensive Signals

Upside down count & attitude except standard at trick 1 when A or K is led and Qxx or longer appears in dummy.

Smith Echo VS Notrump. High by 3rd hand encourages, low by opening leader encourages.