System Summary Form, 2016 Senior USBC

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Sam Lev-Jim Mahaffey

Team: Mahaffey Last Updated May 24, 2016 at 20:36
Players: Russell Ekeblad - Sam Lev

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

General Approach: Standard American 2 over 1 GF
1C 3+ unless exactly 4432
1D 4+
1H 5+ May be 4 in 3rd Seat
1S 5+ May be 4 in 3rd Seat

After all of the above:
We have numerous ART raises by R on 1st round. Suggested defense:
If our raise is weak or may be weak:
X is T/O of our opening bid suit.

If our raise is always mixed:
X is T/O of our opening bid suit.

If our raise is limit or better:
X asks lead of the ART suit

1N 14+ to 17
2C Strong Artificial
2D/2H/2S Weak Usually 6
2N 19+ to 21
3N ART 7+ Solid Major

General Bidding Style

Our style is reasonably sound in context of modern bidding. Useful 11 HCP and exceptional
10 HCP qualify as opening bids.
Our 1N and 2N openings are not abusive.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs all contracts: All Standard:
Count, Attitude, Remainder count, Suit preference

Vs Suits: 3rd from even#. Low from odd#

Vs NT: 4th from length and/or strength
2nd from 3 and/or weak
Rusinow from strength
Ace asks attitude
King asks 1: Unblock 2: Count

Vs All In the middle of the hand:
10 promises 1 or 2 higher honors
J denies a higher honor

Defensive Signals

1st Priority is generally attitude
Count and suit preference in situations where
obviously more important than attitude
Our signaling is generally "honest" when
we judge that partner needs to know.