System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Koneru Last Updated May 31, 2016 at 01:26
Players: Mike Passell - Marc Jacobus

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

many transfer advances in competition over 1D (1H) 1S denies 4 spades dbl shows 4 or 5 spades 2H shows 6 plus spades 2D opening bid shows a minimum opening bid 3-suited with short diamonds in forcing pass auctions pass dbl inversions 1D 2H is 5S 4H non inv 1D 2S is 5S 4H inv 1D 3C is both minors mixed transfers after 1D take out dbl by opponents

General Bidding Style

1C precision 1D 2 plus light openers with shape especially in 3rd seat nt ranges go up 1 point in 3rd seat vul and 4th seat

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

rusinow leads vs nt 3rd and 5th vs suits and after opening lead vs nt 4th vs suits upside down count and attitiude except when partner leads ace showing ak

Defensive Signals

mostly attitude when count is given upside down standard suit preference and smith echo standard on all ace leads