System Summary Form (SSF), 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Hamman Last Updated Jun 2, 2016 at 00:04
Players: Mark Lair - Robert Hamman

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

We play Flannery(11-15 hcps), could be 4-6 in the majors.

1m-p-2Hs on an unpassed hand is 11 or 12 balanced or strong in Hs.

Woolsey versus opponents strong 1NT.
2Cs=both minors
2M=the bid major and a minor>>3Cs pass or correct
1NT(opp)-2Ds=one major
Dbl=4 card major and a longer minor

General Bidding Style

5 card Majors, Strong NT, 2/1 Forcing to game except 1D- pass -2Cs 1H - pass 1NT is Semi Forcing.
1S-pass 1NT=Forcing by UPH.
We open balanced hands with 12 HCPs and unbalanced hands with 9 - 11 HCPs.
May respond with a very weak hand(non vul)
1 level overcalls can be light with good suits, 2 level overcalls tend to be sound.
Mixed raises in and out of competition in the majors or minors.
3Cs=our Jacoby 2nt, 2nt is natural and could hold 3 of partner's major.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs NT: 4th best, but may lead high or second high from bad 4 card suits.
Ace is our big lead vs NT, the Queen lead ask for attitude on the jack.
Vs suits, 4th best. Will lead high from xxx in partner's suit that we have raised. Generally we lead high from xxx versus suits.

Defensive Signals

Standard carding with Lavinthal discards. King from AK length but could lead the ace as to deception, Ace from AK blank. Suit pref. on shortness leads.
Signaling priority is Attitude, Count, Suit Preference. Count takes priority when dummy as Qxx(x), SP when dummy's holding is very strong(NT) or dummy has a singleton(suit)
We give suit preference in the trump suit when possible.
Smith vs NT: High cards in declarer's first suit encourage the opening lead suit unless count is critical or our holding in opening lead suit is completely unknown.
When splitting honors, we could split from our highest or 2nd highest touching honor.
Not religious on giving a lot count.
Should be pure count at the 5 level and above and may give count vs attitude in cash out situations starting at the 4 level.