System Summary Form, 2016 Senior USBC

Team: Bitterman Last Updated Jun 2, 2016 at 11:51
Players: Robert Bitterman - Jerry Helms

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

'HELLO' in direct seat over OPPS' 1NT opening or after OPPS' overcall 1NT after our opening bid.
2C = diamonds or a major/minor two suiter
2D = transfer to hearts
2H = both majors
2S = spades
2N = transfer to clubs
3C = both minors
3D = both majors & a 'big' hand

General Bidding Style

2/1 style; pretty straightforward w some gadgets.

2C over a Major opening could be a short suit - we promise at least 5 cards in the suit if bidding 2D or 2H over a Major opening. For example, with 3-4-4-2 distribution in a GF hand we would bid 2C over a 1S opening bid.

Open almost all 12 HCP hands; open shapely 10-11 HCP hands with quick tricks.

We skip over diamonds after a 1C opening to bid a 4 card Major with less than game going values.

After we open 1 of a Minor a 2H response shows either a balanced 11-12 HCP or a mixed raise for partner’s Minor. Opener may bid 2S asking for clarification.

In competition, suit jump bids one-under opener's suit are usually mixed raises of opener's suit.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

VS Suits & NT: Rusinow for opening leads only; standard honor card leads in middle of hand.
Rusinow does not apply in partner’s suit, dummy’s suit, or after a preempt if the preemptor doesn’t lead his own suit.

VS Suits: 3rd and 5th; King from Ace/King except at the 5 level or higher where Ace asks attitude and King asks count; in middle of hand leading low is More attitudinal than count.

VS NT: 4th best; King is power card asking unblock; Ace asks attitude; The Queen asks attitude for the Jack; In the middle of the hand leading low is more attitudinal than count; Reverse Smith on declarer's first play if not an obvious count situation.

Defensive Signals

Upside down count and attitude if following suit or when discarding. Thereafter, standard present count.

Attitude usually priority over count.

Suit preference in the trump suit and frequent suit preference throughout the hand. Suit preference is standard, not upside down.