System Summary Form, 2017 Women's USBC

Team: Baker Last Updated Apr 13, 2017 at 14:02
Players: Kerri Sanborn - Irina Levitina

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

We reverse forcing pass actions. P is better or worse than X. P then pull of X=slam try. X= desire to bid on with control, bidding on neither confirms nor denies a control.
2NT=GF raise of minor opening. Can be balanced or shapely, opener describes; 3C=5422 or 6/7m balanced; 3D=SPL other m; 3M=SPL; 3NT=wk nt
TOX after 1M-(P)-1NT-(2 new suit)
Support X thru 3M - not mandatory
Frequent TRF in competitive auctions when opp doubles 1M opening, overcall or balance; fit js in comp and by passed

General Bidding Style

5 cards M's, 15-17 NT; 2/1 =GF
Open most balanced 12 counts, good 5-4 11 counts, can be less with 5-5
4-4 m's open either
4-5 m's open 1C, but could open 1D
1NT can have 5M or 5-4 Mm
sometimes 6 card m
Weak 2 bids are decent hands, usually 6 cards suits, can be 5 if nv, 3/4 level preempt is normal looking; Preempt rkc (4C and 4D);Responding to 1 level openers. we normally have 4+ hcp;We tend to bid suits up the line but may bypass D;
Resp's 2/1 in comp may be light if 6+ card suit or support for opener;

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs suits Standard honor leads. Spot cards 3rd from even, lowest from odd. A from AK except
2.Opp's are at 5 level+,
3.Partner's suit
4.Declarer opened at 3 level or higher.
5.Planning switch to sing.
vs NT: Spot cards 4th from honor, 2nd high from weak 4+ card suits,3rd/low partner's suit (if raised lead high from xxx)(if resp has shown 5+, 2nd from bad holding), 10/9=0/2 higher after opening lead, suits and NT; 4th at nt opening lead only, 3/5 after-suit and nt (some attitude when count not important)

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude
Primary signal is attitude on opening lead
Give count when partner needs it (2nd high from 4/6 is normal)
Odd-even first discards; Std Smith echo NT only; trump s/p; Unnecessary high card can be wake up signal.When splitting honors, usually 10/9=0/2 higher; J denies higher