System Summary Form (SSF), 2017 USBC

Team: Kent Last Updated Apr 24, 2017 at 19:47
Players: Robert Kent - Ellen Kent

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Opening 2D: Multi, weak 2 in major, 20-21 HCP, balanced, or game forcing with long minor
Transfer responses to 1C through 3S except notrump bids. We do at times respond light to 1C, particularly with shortness in clubs and a 5 card major
Responses to 1C: 1D and 1H, transfer to next higher suit, 4+, usually 6+ HCP, but can be light; 1S denies 4 card major, usually transfer to 1NT or delayed club raise. 2C=5+ diamonds, any strength. 2D, 2H, 2S shows 6+ suit, either sub-to minimum weak two bid or GF. 2S, 3C, 3D and 3H shows 6+ suit in next higher suit, invitational values, but suit that can play opposite a singleton
Generally, we will only open 1C with a doubleton if exactly 4-4-3-2, but we might do it with 4-3 in the majors and 4 diamonds if we judge it important to enable the transfer sequences (this is rare)
Kaplan Inversion, 1H-1S=0-4 spades, 1H-1NT shows 5+ spades.
Suction over opponent's opening notrump bids and strong, artificial bids. DONT or BENNETT in balancing position after Strong notrump.
Against weak notrump (less than 15 HCP), doubles are penalty all positions.

1D-2H: Limit raise in diamonds, 11-12 HCP balanced or strong jump shift in hearts.
1D-2S: Mixed raise in diamonds or strong jump shift in spades.
Opening 2NT is 5-5 (or 5-6) in minors, 5-10 HCP
Opening 2S is 5 spades and 4+ of a minor, 5-10 HCP
Opening 2H is Flannery, 11-15 HCP, 4 spades, 5-6 hearts
Note that in 4th position, we do not play multi, 2D is Flannery, 2H/2S are normal 4th position bids, usually 6 card suit 10-14 HCP, and 2NT is 20-21 HCP, balanced

General Bidding Style

2/1 with many gadgets.
5 card majors in 1/2, rare 4 card major in 3/4
1C could be 2 card suit; 1D 4+
Note, with some balanced hands we will open 1C with 3 clubs and 4 diamonds
Can open light in 3rd position
1NT Opening 10-13 HCP, NV, 1-3, otherwise 14+-17
Opening 3NT is long minor, preemptive
Bart/Gazzilli: After 1H or 1S opening, 2C rebid by Opener is Gazzilli. 2C can be artificial with game forcing hand; also after 1S opening, will bid 2C with 5-3-3-2 pattern and less than 17 HCP. After 1S-1NT-2C, we play a BART structure, although Opener can have a GF hand that will be clarified in next bid.
Modified Bergen: 3D is 3 card limit raise; 3C is mixed raise to 4 card limit raise
Transfer Advances; jump to 2NT is 4 card limit raise, jump cue bid is 4 card mixed raise
Constructive raises by unpassed hand
Many Good-Bad 2NT auctions.
Two-Way Reverse Drury
Over 1H and 1S, 2C may be a 2 card suit with balanced game forcing hand. 2D and 2H (new suit) are 5+.
After Major opening, 3 of other major and 3NT are splinter raises with singleton unknown, 3NT is stronger than 3 of other major. 4C is 4 card balanced raise, usually 12-13 HCP; 4D is normal raise to 4, preemptive but with some defense, and direct raise to 4 shows very little defense.
After 1D opening, 2D and 2NT are game forcing by unpassed hand. 1D-3C is invitational in clubs.
Our preepmtive style is aggressive but not crazy NV, reasonably sound VUL
Minorwood (0314)
In clear heart auctions, 4S is 1430 Keycard.
Over 3 level preempts except 3C, 4C is 1430 Keycard, 4D is 1430 Keycard over opening 3C.
Lebensohl over Reverses
Unusual/Unusual & Michaels when suits are known
Sandwich notrump
Puppet Stayman over Opening 2NT when strong and 3C after strong 1NT Opening.
Jordan/Reverse Jordan (Flip-Flop)
2C/3D =Constructive raise after Double (3/4)
Rev. Rosenkranz

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

3rd/Low vs. Suit, Attitude v. notrump
Leads in middle of hand tend to be attitude
A from AK except at 5 level and above
Often lead top or 2nd best from weak 4 card suit vs. notrump.
A vs. notrump asks for honor or count; K vs. notrump asks for attitude

Defensive Signals

UDCA, present count after first signal
Priority of signals: Attitude, Count, Suit Preference; priority changes when information is not needed or obvious
Reverse Smith vs. notrump only. Count if necessary takes priority over Reverse Smith.
Suit preferences in trump suit when possible and if needed.
Will signal randomly, i.e., no signal or count when it appears may help Declarer more than our side.