System Summary Form, 2017 USBC

Team: Dwyer Last Updated Apr 25, 2017 at 20:27
Players: Michael Kamil - Michael Becker - Roger Lee

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

(1any) 1M (Neg X): 1N thru 2 under TRF, TRF to O's suit is 3 trump limit raise.
1M (X): 1N thru 2 under our M TRF. One under in both Artif. 7-9 raise. Also trf after 2M (X)
Vs Str NT: 2C = C+H, 2D = D+H, 2M NAT, X = S + Another suit
Vs Wk NT: PEN X, Landy, 2 Red TRF, 2S + S + long m, 2N = H + Long m.

General Bidding Style

Usually 5 card Majors (1N Resp Semi-F, 5-11). 1NT 15-17 (often with 5 card major, rarely with 5422 or SING honor), 2/1 Forcing to game (2C suspect length), 3 under INV.
3rd hand may be light, esp at Fav Vul.
We open most bal hands with 12 HCP and some unbal hands with 11 HCP, May be extremely light in 3rd especially favorable.
Preempts: may be light 1st and 3rd or at FV, 2D good suit, 4 level wide range

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs Suit: 3rd from even, low odd. High from 4 small after raising partner´┐Żs suit. Vs 4 level or lower: A from AK but K with a side void or singleton. Std. honor leads.
Vs NT K asks count or unblock. A or Q asks attitude. Other honors standard. Attitude in middle of hand.
Vs. NT: 4th best, but often lead high or second high from bad 4 card suits.
Usually low from xxx in partner's suit.
Occ lead incorrect honor or spot.

Defensive Signals

Upside Down Attitude; Standard Count
Signaling priority: Attitude, Count, SP, but give what's needed most. Often give suit preference: in the trump suit, side suit, when count irrelevant, or when shift called for at trick one.
Smith Echo by both.
2nd hand honor splitting 0 or 2.
Also lead 0-2 higher in middle of hand