System Summary Form, 2017 Senior USBC

Team: Falk Last Updated Apr 27, 2017 at 17:43
Players: John Rengstorff - Glenn Eisenstein

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

The general approach is pretty much standard American 2/1 game forcing. With 4-4 in the minors we open 1D unless clubs are much better. Tend to open 1C with 5 clubs and 4 diamonds. We almost always bypass Walsh style unless game force. we open all 12 point hands usually and 11 with shape.

weak two's are pretty standard 1st and 2nd and can be 5 in 3rd.

We tend to open all 14+-17- one NT balanced except can have 6 card minor and hand with singleton honor.

Preempts are fairly standard except third position.

Over calls after partner is a passed hand can be very light,lead directing. Jump over calls can very in strength after passed partner.

General Bidding Style

We open all 12 point hands and some shapely 11's
over calls are pretty standard except after a passed partner.
we can be fairly light 3rd seat.
14,17,and,19 balanced will be upgraded if warranted.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

3 and 5th in suits 4th against NT or second from nothing. A or Q for attitude K is power.
Upside down count and attitude standard remainder.
Suit preference during the hand. Attitude at trick one.
A from AK unless doubleton,
3 and 5th during hand, or attitude through declarer.
10 and 9's after opening lead.

Defensive Signals

A lot of suit preference. Upside down count and attitude.
We signal what we think is needed.
When dummy has a singleton we can give suit preference.