System Summary Form, 2017 Senior USBC

Team: Pollack Last Updated May 8, 2017 at 19:36
Players: Ron Rubin - Bill Pollack

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation


1) We play 2D opening shows 11-15 pts with short diamonds but

Not the singleton A or K of diamonds.

2) Our weak 2 bids vary depending on VUL. Can be a 5 card suit

In 1st or 2nd pos but will be a good suit. We don’t have

Agreements as to outside suits.

3) 3 level PRE vary depending on position and VUL

Passed Hand Bidding

1) We can open light but for a purpose.

a) Lead directing, pre-empting,

b) We open 1NT with 15-17 in 3rd and 4th pos; lighter in

1st and 2nd and depending on VUL

RESPONSES and REBIDS after 1L openers

1) We respond over our opening bids lightly

2) 2/1 is F to game

3) 1NT to a opening 1M is semi-forcing

4) 1S-2C can be on a doubleton but only with GF values

And 3-4-4-2 distribution. Otherwise, a 3 or 4 card suit when

Responder doesn’t hold 4 trump or a side 5 card suit


1) Doubles in COMP are more T/O

2) Doubles in COMP after partner has bid is T/O generally

3) 1d (1h) X shows shows minors

4) 1NT (2d) X is a TRF to 2H if 2D is NAT

5) If we bid a suit and OPPT’s cubebid that suit later on in the auction,

6) Double says don’t lead my suit

7) Doubles of SPL asks for lead of lowest suit

8) Doubles of exlusion bids showing voids asks for leads of that suit

9) Doubles of blind 3nt auctions says lead your shortest major

1) 2/1 style in COMP is old rubber bridge style, i.e. doesn’t promise

A rebid

2) We play TRF advances after

a) 1M(X) 1nt+

b) 2M (X/2S) 2NT+

c) We O/C on the one or two level in a Major and 3rd hand doubles


General Bidding Style

Opening Bid Style
1) Sensible opening. Light if distributional

2) We don’t open 4 card majors in 1st/2nd POS.

We will in 3rd on occasion if the suit is decent.

3) We play strong club, so 1d is opened on as

Few as singleton A or K of diamonds

4) 1NT easily can have a 5 card Major. We rarily

Open 1NT with a singleton and if so, it would include

A high honor. We could open 1NT with a 6 card


5) We upgrade or downgrade frequently

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

1) Rusinow in suit and NT on opening lead

2) 0/2 higher during the hand

3) Lower the card led during the hand the more we want the suit returned

4) In NT, we lead attitude, not 4th best

5) We lead 2nd best from poor holdings in NT

6) We lead high in a suit from a poor holding when we have bid and raised a suit

In suit or NT

7) In suit, we lead A from A/K when switching to a singleton or a doubleton in that suit

8) When declarer is leading off dummy, we split 0/2 higher (when splitting)

9) When declarer is leading from his hand towards dummy, we split with 2nd highest

by agreement

Defensive Signals

Carding and Defense
1) Attitude-count-suit preference

2) We do not play upside/down count or attitude

3) We play suit preference in trump frequently

4) Smith against NT by both. High=like

5) Alarm clock plays- partner, do something unusual

6) Odd/even on first discard

7) We play obvious-shift when defending against suit

8) If dummy hits with singleton against suit, we play obvious shift