System Summary Form, 2017 Michael Seamon Junior USBC - U21

Team: Koppel Last Updated Dec 10, 2017 at 17:49
Players: Jack Donaghue - Hunter McClain

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1 C= 16+ HCP
1 D= 10-15 HCP, 2+ Diamonds
2 C= 6+ Clubs, 10-15 HCP, sometimes have a five-card but not a six-card major
2 D= 3-4-1-5, 4-3-1-5, 4-4-1-4, 4-4-0-5 10-15 HCP
2NT= 4-8 NV, 8-12 Vul 5+/5+ minors

General Bidding Style

Strong 1C; 1D could be short; Five card majors with 2/1 GF
1NT= 10-12 NV, 13-15 Vul
2 Major preempts can be 5 cards (If 5 cards, at least KJ10xx)
General style is middle of the road/light
Double tends to be penalty after first round
Overcalls may be four cards

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Ace is a power lead at trick one asking for an unblock. Q shows QJ10x or KQ109x, asks for unblock of the jack, or attitude. Usual lead is fourth best. Second best from xxxx(x). Rely on judgement in the middle of the hand

K from AK or KQ is asking for count; other leads standard; rely on judgement mid-hand

Defensive Signals

Upside Down count and attitude. Attitude shown first. Signals only made when we believe it will not cost a trick and will be more useful to partner than declarer. Count on opening lead of a king vs suit or when dummy wins with a jack or lower card. Suit preference at trick one when dummy is short. Suit preference when giving a ruff. Suit preference when we discard from a suit we already discouraged.