System Summary Form, 2017 Michael Seamon Junior USBC - U21

Team: Xu Last Updated Dec 10, 2017 at 22:11
Players: Dian Qi - Yuchen Xu

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

We use Weak Jump Shift
XYZ: 1X-1Y-1Z-? 2C: inv, F1 to 2D; 2D: FG; 2H/2S/3C/3D: to play; 3H/3S: strong 6+ suit, inv to 3NT or 4M
Bergen: 1H/1S-? 3C: 4+ support, 8-9 Adjusted Points; 3D: 4+ support, 10-11 Adjusted Points
Jacoby 2NT: 1M, P, 2NT = 4+ trump support with 13+ points
Lebensohl: After a 1NT opening bid and Over Weak Two Bids.
Strong 2C opening
Michaels Cue Bid
2NT overcall = at least 5-4 double suits, C+D when over 1H/1S/1NT, M+m when over 1C/1D

General Bidding Style

5-Card Majors, Strong NT, 2/1 GF, fourth suit GF, XYZ
Artificial Strong 2C opening
1M-1NT is hemi-forcing
Jacoby 2NT after 1M opening
We typically open with 12 BAL, 9-11 unbal
1 level overcalls 8+ HCP. 2-level usually with opening strength
Usually open 1C with 3-3 in minors, 1D with 4-4 in minors.
1NT could have 5-card Major or 6-card minor, depending on suit quality.
Preempts: wide range (could be good or bad)
3NT opening is gambling
2D/2H/2S are all preempts

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

4th best vs NT
3rd/5th best vs Suits
highest of touching honors
0/1 in an honor sequence
partner’s suit
unusual lead after Lightner double

Defensive Signals

Standard vs. Suits
Upside-down attitude vs. NT
Attitude is the primary signal
Signaling priority normally: Attitude, Count, Suit-Pref (may vary with logic).
Count in partner's suit if dummy wins trick-1 vs NT.
Suit pref when returning a card for partner to ruff in Suits
Low-high is used to signal trump count