System Summary Form (SSF), 2018 USBC

Team: Reynolds Last Updated Apr 22, 2018 at 00:16
Players: W. Thomas Reynolds - Lance Kerr

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

One Club
1C is 11-14HCP 0+ Clubs. The hand may contain any shape including a 5 card major but does NOT contain a 6 card suit or 5-5 or better in the majors because the two level bids of 2C through 2NT describe those shapes with identical HCP ranges. Exception: 6-4 Major hands open 1C.

After 1C, 1D is an artificial GF. It is the only GF.

A response to 1C of 1H, 1S and 1NT is NF. Pass, 1H and 1S may be 0HCP. A pass implies some clubs.

Responding 2C or 2D to 1C is natural NF. May be INV or preemptive.

After 1C a direct jump to 2H or 2S is 3-9HCP 6 card suit NF

Interference after 1C
After 1C-x and 1C-1D, 1C-X-XX and 1C-1D-X are GF and ask for a response identical to 1C-1D.

After direct interference of 1H through 2S we use transfer responses (including 1NT). 1C-1H-1S is the only natural response below 2NT. A double is either cards or a transfer. 2S is an artificial balanced GF.

2NT is natural. 3 level bids are forcing.

14-15HCP. Stayman and Jacoby 1NT-2D-2H-2S is a puppet and handles all 5-5 hands. 4 suit transfers

One Diamond
1D 15+ forcing and artificial. Responses: 1H 6-9HCP or 14-15HCP, 1S 0-5HCP, 1NT and above are GF and artificial 10-13HCP or 16+HCP (Symmetric Relay). A response of 1NT shows Spades, 2C shows Hearts, 2D is balanced, 2H is Clubs, 2S and 2NT are Diamonds. Responder may have a second suit which may be longer.

After 1D-1H (6-9HCP), 1S is a GF relay. With 14-15HCP responder goes past the end of the relay.

Interference after 1D
After direct interference (except 1D-x) responder uses transfer responses. A x is card showing. However, unlike after 1C, 1NT is natural not a transfer. Commencing with 2NT all bids on the 3 level are transfers.

After indirect interference when responder has made a GF bid of 1NT (Spades) or 2C (Hearts) opener can continue the relay with the lowest call(pass). Double is penalty oriented.

Indirect interference after a 2D or above response results in normal, non-relay bidding

One Heart and One spade
1H and 1S opening bids are 8-11HCP and at least 4 cards in the suit. 1S contains 0-3 Hearts. The hand may contain a longer suit.

1NT 1H-2S and 1S-2NT and above are the only force after a 1H or 1S opening.

1H-2S and 1S-2NT and above are shape showing raises INV+.

New suits are NF.

1M-2M shows 3+ card raise INV and semi-balanced

A 1NT response to 1H or 1S can be game forcing, invitational or drop dead. If responder's second bid is the next suit (other than NT or opener's major) it is GF.

One No Trump (14-15HCP)
All 5-5 responding 5-5 hands start with 2D.

After a major transfer other than a puppet to 2S, bids are shape showing including a 2NT rebid.

All bids of 2NT through 3S are artificial and shape showing.

Two Clubs, 2 Diamonds 2 Hearts, 2 Spades
10-14HCP 6 card suit. Next call is an asking bid. New suits and 2NT are a 1 round Force.

2NT 5-5 or better majors 10-14HCP

Defensive Bidding
Against short minors we double with a balanced hand. 1NT is 15-18HCP

Over 1 of the major we use Raptor, (4 of the other major and a long unspecified minor) vulnerable. A 1NT overcall not-vulnerable is 15-18HCP natural.

A jump overcall on the 2 Level is 10-14HCP, 6 card suit.

Over a Precision 1C, X shows hearts, 1D shows spades. 1H, 1S, 1NT are crash. 2 level are 6 card suits

Ove all 1NT openings we use a version of Suction in direct and pass out seat. 1N-x=Clubs or Diamonds and Hearts or Hearts (5)and spades. 1NT-2C=Diamonds or Hearts-Spades (5) or Spades and Clubs. 1NT-2H=one major. 1NT-2H=Hearts and Clubs, 1NT-2S=Spades+ Diamonds

General Bidding Style

1H and 1S are very light and limited (8-11HCP)

The 2 level show 10-14HCP, 6 card suits. We may upgrade a 9HCP hand with 6-4 distribution.

We may upgrade a 5-4-3-1 11HCP hand containing a 5 card major from 1H or 1S to 1C. However we do not upgrade a balanced 10HCP hand to open 1C. We either open 1H or 1S with a 4 card major or pass.

We do not upgrade a 1H or 1S opener unless it meets the rule of 17.

3rd and 4th
1H and 1S are 8-14HCP. 2C=Drury. 1C-1D natural No other changes

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

On opening lead we lead A from AK. J denies 10 promises. 3rd and 5t vs suits. 4th vs NT.

UDCA on lead of A or K. Obvious shift out of the book.

Otherwise standard

Defensive Signals

Philosophy is suit preference. Normal carding except as noted.