System Summary Form, 2018 USBC

Team: Reynolds Last Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 17:54
Players: William Hall - David Pelka

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Negative free bids through 2S if 1D opening is overcalled or doubled

Responses over 1D-(P): some start at 0 HCP
1M shows 4+M, 0+ HCP
1N shows 7-11 HCP with no major and no stiff or void
2C shows 5+C, 0-10 HCP
2D inverted (10+), both minors
P shows 3+D, may have 4-card major if very weak

1D-2H shows any balanced or long-suit invitation
1D-2S shows GF values in NT or minor suit(s)
1D-2N is either a minor preempt or 18+ balanced

Over Major openings:
1H-2D and 1S-2H show the 3-card limit raise
1S-2D shows 5+H with invitational values
1H-2S->2N: fit-showing in any side suit, 10-11 HCP
Fit-showing jumps with 4 trump, 8-9 HCP

Weak Multi 2D in 3rd seat

2N opening: 14-15 HCP with both minors 5+

3N opening: 8- to 8 1/2-tricks, solid or one-loser 8-card major

General Bidding Style

Big Club (16+ HCP) with transfer responses

1D 11-15 HCP, 2+D: 14-15 if 6+D, 11-14 if balanced

14+ to 17 1N

Major openings 11-15; 5-card unless short in D: 4=4=1=4 and exactly 5C with 0-1 D are opened 1M.
2C response is GF relay. Most responses above 2C are fit-showing.

Intermediate 2 bids in all suits (6+ cards, 10-14 HCP); next step is an invitational+ relay

Openings often about a point light in 3rd seat

Direct-seat overcalls and advances are constructive unless partner has denied opening values

HS CRASH Over opponents' Big C:
X shows a H overcall
1D shows a S overcall
1H shows reds or blacks
1S shows majors or minors
1N shows two suits of alternate color and rank
2-level overcalls are natural

Over Strong (14+) NT:
X shows C or D
2C shows H and S
2D shows H
2H shows S
2S shows S and D

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Rusinow opening leads
4th best
Low encourages return mid-hand

Defensive Signals

Attitude primary signal to opening lead, then count
Standard present count on return or discard
Smith (High encourages by both) vs NT