System Summary Form (SSF), 2018 USBC

Team: Molson Last Updated Apr 6, 2018 at 00:25
Players: Kerri Sanborn - Stephen Sanborn

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2NT=GF raise of minor opening. Can be balanced or shapely, opener describes; 3C=5422 or 6/7m balanced; 3D=SPL other m; 3M=SPL; 3NT=wk nt
TOX after 1M-(P)-1NT-(2 new suit)
Support X thru 3M - not mandatory
Frequent TRF in competitive auctions when opp doubles 1M opening, overcall or balance; fit js in comp and by passed

General Bidding Style

5 cards M's, 15-17 NT; 2/1 =GF
Open most balanced 12 counts, good 5-4 11 counts, can be less with 5-5
4-4 m's open either
4-5 m's open 1C, but could open 1D
1NT can have 5M or 5-4 Mm
sometimes 6 card m
Weak 2 bids are variable by vul, usually 6 cards suits, can often be 5 if nv, 3/4 level preempt is normal looking; Preempt rkc (4C and 4D);Responding to 1 level openers. We tend to bid suits up the line but may bypass D;
Resp's 2/1 in comp may be light if 6+ card suit or support for opener;

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs suits mostly Standard honor leads, but can be 3rd from interior sequence if even and 2nd if odd number in suit. Spot cards 3rd from even, lowest from odd. A from AK except
2.Opp's are at 5 level+,
3.Partner's suit
4.Declarer opened at 3 level or higher.
5.Planning switch to sing.
vs NT: Spot cards 4th from honor, 2nd high from weak 4+ card suits,3rd/low partner's suit (if raised lead high from xxx)(if resp has shown 5+, 2nd from bad holding), 4th at nt opening lead only, 3/5 after-suit and nt (some attitude when count not important)

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude
Primary signal is attitude on opening lead
Give count when partner needs it (2nd high from 4/6 is normal)
Odd-even first discards; Std Smith echo NT only; trump s/p; Unnecessary high card can be wake up signal.When splitting honors, usually 10/9=0/2 higher; J denies higher