System Summary Form (SSF), 2018 USBC

Team: Meltzer Last Updated Apr 16, 2018 at 19:16
Players: Steve Garner - Owen Lien

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

After 1C, 2D = 5S, 4-5H, about 4-8 hcp.

After a 1m opener, 2H = 11/12 balanced and 2S = mixed raise.

Transfers and transfer cuebids after opponents overcalls in comp. A Cuebid after an opponent's 1D/1H overcall = 6+ in next higher suit and can be a wide range from weak 2 strength to a GF.

Vs. ST NT we play 2C = majors, 2D = 1 major, 2H = 5H and 4+ of either minor, 2S = 5S and 4+ of either minor and DBL = 4 of a major and 5+ of a minor.

Vs. WK NT we play dbl = penalty, 2C = majors, 2D or 2H = transfer to next higher suit, 2S = 4S and 5+ of either minor, 2N = 4H and 5+ of either minor.

Vs. ST clubs we play DBL = majors, natural 1 level overcalls, 1N = canape major/minor, 2C = minors, 2D = multi, 2H/2S = polish style 2 suiters and 2N = more minors

General Bidding Style

We rebid 1N with all balanced hands and bypass rebidding a major at the 1 level. Fairly standard bidding style otherwise. 3rd seat openings may be simply lead-directing with fewer highcards and 4 card majors certainly possible. We tend to open 1C with 4-4 in the minors unless diamonds are significantly better. Opening 1NT or 2NT may include a 5 or 6 card major or minor. NV vs. VUL opening preempts may be a wide range. Weak 2 bids are fairly standard and solid when VUL, but occasionally may be a five card suit NV or a little more random at favorable. We upgrade or downgrade hand frequently. Fit-showing bids by a ph and also fit-showing bids at the 4 level in competition. We respond to opening bids with very weak hands if NV and generally bypass a 1D response to 1C with diamonds and a major. 2/1 is forcing to game by an uph and a 2C response to a major opener could be short.
1N is semi-forcing over 1M. Doubles in comp are typically takeout and remain typically takeout if partner has bid. Our 2/1 style in comp is fairly normal. Lots of mixed raises, very rare psychics.
Aggressive 1st seat weak 2's at FAV. vulnerability.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

3rd and 5th vs. suits. A from AK vs. suit. 4th best vs. NT. K = power lead vs. NT. Rusinow vs. NT. May lead random spot cards from poor holdings vs. NT contracts. Leads in the middle of the hand may be more attitude oriented. If partner has bid a suit, we would lead low from 3 small. We rarely violate our lead conventions.

Defensive Signals

Standard count and attitude. Attitude takes preference in most cases. Standard suit preference if dummy has a singleton. Suit preference is declarer's trump suit. We signal only when we feel it helps partner. Smith Echo vs. NT.