System Summary Form (SSF), 2018 USBC

Team: Meltzer Last Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 18:07
Players: Nikolay Demirev - Rose Meltzer

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1C Opening is 1+C non-forcing with balanced hands outside of our NT range (15-17) or primary clubs, or 4441. We play transfer responses to 1C Opening. Our agreement is to respond anytime we have a 5-card major not promising specific values. We would also respond extremely light when we don't have clubs or for tactical reasons.

1C-1S is balanced or clubs or non-forcing diamonds
1C-1NT is the equivalent of 11-12 balanced
1C-2C is 5+D GF
1C-2D shows both majors and less than game forcing strength
1C-2H shows 54 in the minors GF
1C-2S shows 54 in the minors constructive/invitational
1C-3C shows 54 in the minors mixed/preemptive

Our reverses (on level 2) after 1C opening are natural and non-forcing with limited hands (10-15)
Level 1 rebids by opener (other than 1NT) are wide range
2C rebid by opener is 16+ and denies 3-card support for the major where it applies.
3 of a new suit rebid by opener shows 65 and a strong hand.
1D Opening by agreement is 5+ unbalanced or occasionally a good diamond suit we want to show for lead/competition. Our guideline is that we open 1D if we want to compete in diamonds.

1D-2H is a GF raise is D
1D-2S is an invitational raise in D
1M-2C is GF balanced or clubs
1D or 1M-2NT is 8+ with some shortness and 4+ support
1D or 1M-jump in a suit are various raises with a fit in the opening. could be 3-card for the invitational raise, otherwise it's 4+
2D and 2M openings are weak twos. Rarely 5-card.
3NT Opening shows a solid major without outside A or K
Responding to other than 1C opening is fairly standard unless we think we get tactical advantage by responding ultra light.

General Bidding Style

2/1 based approach
Light openings and overcalls. We tend to open on good 10+ and shape and otherwise 12+ for balanced hands.
15-17 NT
Our preemptive style is fairly standard. More sound when we are vulnerable. 3rd seat favorable anything goes.
3rd seat favorable anything goes for any opening and we are careful not to bury partner for opening.
In competitive situations, we would bid when we have reason to. In other words we may not support partner right away on bad hands where a large majority will consider it automatic;
We play transfers in competition over 1D-2C overcalls.
2NT in competition is usually forcing.
DBLs in competition are usually not penalty if we haven't been able to define our hand to both shape and strength.
DBL by the 3rd hand on a final contract has lead directing implications.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

4th vs. No Trump
3rd/low vs. suit
att in supported suit
in the middle of the hand low is for attitude

Honors against NT are for Att.
Top from sequence agains suits.
9/10 leads are 0/2 higher

vs. NT the lead of unusual honor asks for unblock of the one directly below
Only if we had bid suit, the K lead will be for count.

vs. suit we vary to lead K from AK for count when we expect shape in declarer (or occasionally when dummy has shown specific shape)

Defensive Signals

Standard Carding
Attitude then Count