System Summary Form, 2018 USBC

Team: Fireman, NPC Last Updated Apr 26, 2018 at 23:07
Players: John Kranyak - Vincent Demuy

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Opening 1NT may contain small singleton for hand types that typically may create difficult rebids 1345,3145,1444. 1m-(1h)-1s denies spades
5332 10HCP with good suits or 5431 with 10HCP may be opened

General Bidding Style

2 over 1 with light openings especially NV

Openings :

1C = 3+…frequently bypass 1D with 4cM unless GF
1D = 3+ … open 1 D with 44 and 45 unless suit quality or easier rebid
1H = 5+ … 4+ in 3rd – 4th
1S = 5+ … 4+ in 3rd – 4th
1NT = 13+16 NV and 14+17 V…5cardM or 6cm are frequent, rebid problem offshape hands are possible, in 4th always 14+17
2C = 21-23 or GF any
2D/H/S = weak 2’s usually 6 card suits…could be 5 NV
2NT = 19+21…5card M frequent
3x = 7 or better than 2
3NT = 4 of a minor preempt
4M = 8 or better than 3
4NT = both minors

-3rd suit opener maybe very weak based on a lead director.

-When partner is a passed hand especially NV we are very aggressive in most situations and could be bidding on very little or preempt with good hands, psychs could happen but are rare.

-Preempt agreements , aggressive but not crazy up to soundish regarding the vulnerability , 3 is better than 2 and 4 is better than 3 type style and we tend to open 1 with a serious weak 2. A bit random on suit quality and honor location. In overcall a single jump is intermediate when we are Vul and others are still preemptive.

-We are aggressive to respond at a 1 level opening bid

- Our 2C over 1 of a Major opening could be short (possibly 0-1 in rare cases(1S2Cwith 3550 is not imposible), we also use 2c with balanced jacoby hands.

- Jacoby 2NT shows a preempt or Game forcing with a singleton, we use 2 tired void showing. 1-3 is mixed .

- Transfers over 1NT rebid

- 1m – 1H – we play 1S denies spades , 2m inverted and 2H shows 6+ spades constructive + and 2S is weak

-1D-1S-2C = Hearts and 2H = Clubs

- in response to 1NT we bid 2c stayman a lot and have ways to sign off so we could stayman with a bad hand and 4Hand 5C for example

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

2nd/4th through declarer 3rd/5th through dummy

rusinow not in partners or dummy's long suit or preemtors side suit or if preemptor is declarer

Defensive Signals

UDCA standard suit preference. Attitude then count, but sometimes count or attitude. Reverse smith against NT. We signal when we think it'll help our partner