System Summary Form, 2018 USBC

Team: Robinson Last Updated Apr 27, 2018 at 03:04
Players: Ross Grabel - Mark Feldman

Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Gazilli in the following situation 1H-1S-1nt 1D-1H-1nt , 1D-1S-1NT
1H-1NT-2C, 1S-1NT-2C
1D-2S =invitational in C
1C-3C= mixed in both minor
Over strong 1NT opening by opps, X =4 major and longer minor, 2C = majors, 2D = 1 Major, 2H and 2S = 5 major and 4+minor, 2NT =minors or very strong majors
Over weak NT and 3rd seat strong NV; X = cards, 2C=majors, 2D, 2H are transfers, 2S=4S and longer minor, 2NT= 4H and longer minor

General Bidding Style

5 card majors
1C may be as few as 2, Transfers over 1C openers with 1D to showH, 1H to show S, 1S to show D and 1nt to show C (not forcing)
1D shows 4+ and is either unbalanced or semi unbalanced
1C-2M= 5+C and 4 cars major
strong NT 2/1 game force
1M-2C may be as few as 2
we open light NV as few as 11 if balanced and 10(9)unbalanced
we may respond with very weak hands over 1C
Overcalls may be quite light at 1 level, sounder at 2 level
In competitive auctions, many of our actions are either transfers or inversions: ex. 1C-(1S)- 2D=H and 2H=D

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs. suits; 3rd /5th may lead high from 3 little in partners supported suit
vs NT; 4th best, but often lead high or 2nd high from poor 4 card suits. Rusinow from 4 card+ suits.
In the middle of the hand, 4th best with attitude
10 or 9= 0 or 2 higher after trick 1.
if splitting honors in defense lower of equals from 2 and top from 3
Rusinow vs. suits only in suit bid by leader

Defensive Signals

upside down count and attitude
attitude is main priority except when unable to beat card played from dummy vs. suit contract. Smith echo but defender has options depending on what defender thinks is most important to convey. we signal when we feel that it is more beneficial to partner than declarer.