System Summary Form (SSF), 2019 Open USBC

Team: Reynolds Last Updated May 10, 2019 at 10:25
Players: William Hall - David Pelka

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Negative free bids through 2S if 1D opening is overcalled or doubled

Responses over 1D-(P): some start at 0 HCP

1M shows 4+M, 0+ HCP (unlimited) or 3+M with 9-11 balanced; we may pass with 0-8 and no major or long minor, or if 0-5 with 3+D. We won't pass with a 5-card major. Without interference, the 1M response is a one-round force by an unpassed hand. Two-way new minor over 1D-1M-1S or 1N.

1D-1N is a game forcing relay if direct seat passes; otherwise we play negative free bids and 3-level invitational+ transfers.
2C shows 5+C, 0-11 HCP not forcing, natural rebids
2D shows 5+D, 6-11 HCP
2M shows 6+M, 5-9 HCP
2N is 12-13 HCP balanced with no major
3-level suit bids are natural slam tries

Over our Major openings:

2C is a game forcing relay by unpassed hand without interference; pass continues relay over later interference.
1H-2D and 1S-2H show the 3-card limit raise
1S-2D shows 5+H with invitational values
1H-2S->2N: after which 3m is minor invite, 3H fit-showing with S side suit
Fit-showing jumps to 3m with 4 trump, 8-9 HCP
1M-3M shows 8-9 HCP with 4 trump also

3N opening: 8- to 8 1/2-tricks, solid or one-loser 8-card major, forces 4C

vs 1N: Multi-Landy
1D-P-2H = H & S, INV

General Bidding Style

Big Club (15+ HCP) with transfer responses; opener relays for shape without interference or bids naturally over 1S or higher by either opponent. Over 4th seat simple overcall of a positive (10+) response, opener's pass continues relay. Higher or further interference reverts to natural bidding.

1C-1N shows 14+ HCP, any shape, and relays start with 2C (or pass over interference).

We open any good 10 HCP in 1st and 2nd, even 4333, e.g., Axx Kxx K10xx xxx or Axxx Kxxx QJx xx, but not Axxx Kxxx Qxx Jx or KJxx QJxx QJ xxx.

1D 10-14 HCP: 10-12 if balanced (10-13 in 3rd & 4th); may have no diamonds if 4=4=0=5. Includes 5+D with 4+M but no other 6-card suit and no 5M without 6D.

13 to 15 1N in 1st and 2nd, 14-16 in 3rd and 4th; frequent 5-card major, occasional 6-card minor or 5-4 shape.

Major openings 5+, 10-14 HCP; 13-14 with no side suit if 6+M.
Unpassed hand 2C response is a game forcing relay, without interference only.

Intermediate two bids in all suits, 10-14 HCP; next step response (without interference) is an invitational+ relay asking for a side suit, and 2N shows the relay suit (except 2C-2N). Other responses are natural and inv+. Over interference, X (XX) asks shape. Either responder or opener may splinter raise, and 2m-4m is 1430.

2C: 6+C with any side suit or none. 2N->3C
2D: 6+D, no major, or 5+D, 4+C
2M: 6+M, 10-12 if no side suit

Preempts at the 3 level often good 6-card suits, otherwise normal range and trick expectation

Direct-seat overcalls and advances are constructive unless partner has denied opening values, after which they may be a trick light

3rd seat openings of 1D through 2M can be a point light, 4th seat a point heavy, but not off-shape.

Doubles generally takeout in competition, no special agreements

Suction in direct seat over opponents' Big C:
X shows D or majors
1D shows H or blacks
1H shows S or minors
1S shows C or reds
1N shows C and H
2C shows D and S
X majors, 1N minors over 1D response to Big Club

Over Strong (14+) NT:
X shows C or D
2C shows H and S
2D shows H
2H shows S
2S shows S and D

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Rusinow opening leads
4th best
Low encourages return mid-hand

Defensive Signals

Attitude primary signal to opening lead, then count
Standard present count on return, follow or discard
Standard suit preference when shift is obvious
Smith (High encourages by both) vs NT