System Summary Form, 2019 Senior USBC

Team: Denison Last Updated May 6, 2019 at 20:46
Players: Daniel Denison - Richard Unger

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

-Suction at first intervention opportunity over forcing 1C and 1C-1D auctions.
-Multi-vs-multi defense over 2D-multi (details to be made available).
-2D multi included in interventions over weak NT (min=11 or less)
-3way takeout X, direct seat only, over 1m natural openers; can be either normal or balanced NT hand or weak (8+ with majors only) to be clarified after advancer responds with assumption of the weak hand; 1N/1m in that position is a 2-suited hand.
-Transfers over 1M-(X) starting at 2C.
-Negative control bids in minor suit GF auctions and King-ask slam bidding.

General Bidding Style

-2/1 absolute GF. 5cd majors except 3rd hand nv.
-Weak No Trumps 10-13 first three seats all vulnerabilities, but with frequent downward adjustments for shape and honor quality when vul; any shape with no stiff OK; Natural NF responses 2DHS3C; All others artificial; Brozelle runouts.
-Distributional hands: We open all Rule-of-20 major suit ones, but minor suit ones have more strength.
-Weak two bids generally sound 6cd, but major suits NV in first and third seat can be imaginative.
-Three-level preempts never have outside A or K.
-Jump Shifts: M/m strong; m/M intermediate; M/M mixed raise; m/m limit raise.
-Good/Bad 2N in competition.
-Negative Free Bids unless intervention is preemptive.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

-Suits: 3rd&Lowest; standard honor leads; A from AK except 5level and doubletton.
-NT: 4th from length to an honor; 2nd without; A asks attitude. K is power lead.
-Parter's bid suit: Lead shape if unsupported, but only with A or K if supported.
-Lead Attitude in middle of hand usually.

Defensive Signals

Upside Down count and attitude. Standard suit preference. No Smith. Default strategy is attitude on Partner's lead, followed by remaining count; Count on declarer's lead. But we give what we think partner wants to know (including suit pref) if attitude is obvious. In general, if partner has no need to know, we revert to randomness. Discards upside down in context, not always attitude.