System Summary Form, 2019 Senior USBC

Team: Hamman Last Updated May 16, 2019 at 22:59
Players: Mark Feldman - Howard Weinstein

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Our jump overcalls are often 2-suited;
Versus standard (1m): 2D = 4S - 5+H, 2H and 3m = 5S-5H
(1H):2S = 5S - 5D, 3m = 4S - 5+m (usually 6)
(1S): 2S = 4S - 5+m, 3m = 5H - 5m

3NT opening = 4 of a mjinor preempt.
4m opening = Strong preempt in corresponding Major

General Bidding Style

5 card majors
1C will be often be as few as 2 if Bal and no 5-card M
Transfers over 1C openers with 1D to show H, 1H to show S, 1S to show D and 1nt to show C (not forcing)
NV will open most 11 hcp; Vul will pass mediocre 11 hcp
1D opener shows 4+ and is either unbalanced or semi-balanced, with the exception that may open 1D with 3-3-5-2 and < 1N values
After 1C: 2D = GF, 2M= 5+C and 4-card major, 3C = C+D
After 1D: 2H/1d = 6-10 hcp, 5S-4+H (or 6-5), 2S = C's Inv+, 2N = Mixed/LR
1NT: 14-16 NV 1-3 position; 14+ - 17- Vul; 4th pos 15-17
2D = Flannery, may be 4-6 or 5-6 in majors
Overcalls may be light, especially NV
Play Flannery and so 1H - 1!N, may be with four spades.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

When having shown length and first to do so, lead Rusinow vs suit, else lead K from AK or KQ. Versus suit lead 3rd from even, low from odd, except may lead high having shown length.

Also Rusinow leads vs NT unless suit is partner's or dummy's, or short-suit lead. If Rusinow applicable, then K is the power lead.
In middle of hand, we may lead 0 or 2 higher from honors unless pincer situation.

Defensive Signals

If count/attitude situation: Upside-down count and attitude except trick 1.
Note: Trick 1 standard carding, except versus suit with shortness in the dummy.
Spot leads usually attitude during hand(but if presumed clear that count is more relevant, than low=odd, high=even for count)
Count in partner's suit if dummy wins trick-1 vs NT, with the jack or lower.
Occasional suit-pref in trumps.
Reverse Smith Echo vs NT by opening leader, standard by 3rd hand.