System Summary Form, 2020 USBF Invitational 2

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Gary Donner-Sandra Rimstedt-Anam Tebha

Team: Donner Last Updated Jul 13, 2020 at 16:40
Players: Adam Grossack - Anam Tebha

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D opening is multi, showing a single-suited major weak 2 bid with 3-8 HCP, slightly variable based on vulnerability. There is no strong option to our multi. 5 cards suits are possible, especially nv.

2H & 2S opening bid is constructive, either 8-11 or 9-12 HCP, depending on vul, and at least a 6 card suit.

General Bidding Style

Opening 1NT is 14-16 except 3rd red or all vuls 4th where it is 15-17. We tend to open balanced 11s non-vul but can pass them vul. 3rd seat openings can be light and lead-directional, especially non-vul. 1C opening is 3+. 5 card majors. 4 card majors are possible in 3rd or 4th seat.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs Suits:
3/5 spot card leads
Rusinow Honor Leads, except:
1) When we preempt and lead a side suit
2) Dummy's first bid suit of 4+ known cards
3) Partner's suit of 4+ known cards
4) Declarer's suit of 4+ known cards

Vs. NT:
2nd and 4th leads from length
NT honor leads are rusinow style from 3+ cards
King is power lead
Positive att on ace lead asks partner to continue with king.

Defensive Signals

We play UDCA (nothing like standard carding at Trick 1 because Adam forgets this too often)
Discards are upside-down
Remaining count is standard if given.
Mid-hand shifting is attitude.
3/5 in "Cash-out" situations... when count extremely relevant.
Trump suit preference vs. suits
Reverse smith Echo vs. NT

We tend to give suit-preference in many situations but Attitude is our primary signal at T1.

We try to only signal when partner needs it.