System Summary Form, 2020 JLall1

Team: Greenspan Last Updated Oct 17, 2020 at 12:18
Players: Jon Greenspan - Glenn Eisenstein

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1st/2nd seat only:
1m-jumpshift other m=limit raise (ON over X)
1m-2m=GF (2NT=GF over X)

1M-3m=short,4+M raise,invit+
1H-2S/1S-2NT=bal,4+M GF
1H-2NT/1S-3H=short otherM,4+M raise,invit+
above ON over X
1M-3M=4+M,bal LR (pre-empt in comp)
xfers over 1M(X): 1NT(C) thru 2M-1(constrctv+)

all seats:
xfers over (1x)1M(X): " " " (A/K raise)
2D reverse by opener=art,can be short
3C jumpshift by opener=art,can be short
2way slam-try chkbk after 2NT jump rebid by OP

General Bidding Style

light openings (8HCP common in 3rd seat)
nvul weak2's often 5
2/1GF except rebid
5cardM 1st/2nd: 1NTforc
4cardM 3rd/4th: 2way Drury, many fit-showing bids
1NT=14 to 16; 2NT=19+ to 21
frequent 1level overcalls on 4card suits
pre-balancing/offshape/light takeout X's
pre-empts opp PH can be sound

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

4th vs NT(highest/2nd highest OK from < J)
A/Q=attitude,K=unblk/count vs NT
3rd/5th vs suits
low from xxx (exc when supported prd)
attitude in middle of hand (w/wo 3rd/5th or 4th)

Defensive Signals

Standard carding except 1st discard tends to be

Smith echo vs NT

Attitude > count > suit pref

sporadic count during hand