System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Donner Last Updated Jul 20, 2020 at 11:07
Players: Gary Donner - Sandra Rimstedt

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1. Vs strong 1C, X= majors, 1N= more majors, 2D = unspecified single major, 2M= major/minor, 2N/4N= minors.

2. ART responses to 1C opening (16+ ART) 
--1D=0-7, (others = ART GF) 1 H=S  or 11-13 BAL,
--1S=H (suits = 5+), 1N=C, 2C=D, 2D=8-10 BAL,
--2H= Any 4441, 2S= Any 5/5, 2NT= 14+ BAL (no 5 card suit),
--3CDHNT= TFER/ 7+ of the suit/ 5-7 points,
--3S= any SOL suit.

3. Responses to 1D opening: 2C/2D= one round force, 2H=5S /4H (+) less than INV,
2S= same but INV, 3C= minors less than INV.

4. Many comp TFERS used. If to new suit = showing that suit, otherwise it's a lead-directing raise w/ OR w/o 5+ cards in the transferred-to suit, 
1S-X-1NT = tfer to Clubs, 2C= toD, etc. (transfers on over overcalls).

5. Many ART raises used. 1 under at 3-level is normally a MIX raise
(7+-9 support value with 4+ trump).

6. Major raises: 3M= MIX raise, 2NT= 3-4 pieces/ limit + (if 3 limit UNBAL), semi-forcing NT.

Other alerts: XYZ with canapés variations/ offers to play in NT with 53 fit, Kokish game tries, Namyats,

General Bidding Style

Precision (RM medium style;). Open lighter NV as a rule. 
Preempts normal to slightly aggressive.

1NT= 14-16, but 15-17 in 4th seat, or 3rd seat VUL.
2NT= 19-20, 20-21 in 4th seat, or 3rd seat VUL.
1C= 16+, 
1D= 2+D's 11-15 catchall bid, 
1H/S= 5+ 11-15, 
2C= 6+ 11-15 (could have a 5 card major), 
2D= 3-suiter short inD (can be 43 in Majors either way) 11-15. 

3rd seat can be very light especially NV and might be on shorter length (e.g. 4-card Major).
Preempts can be on 5 (weak 2's) or 6 (3's). General light style, and variations allowed,
e.g. can open 1NT with 13 if we think it is worth 14, or 1D with stiff K of D instead of 2D,
or opening with less than 11 HCP with a reason to to so. 

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs NT: 2nd/4th best, K= Power
Vs Suits: 3rd/ low

Vs Both:
Standard honor leads,
K from AK in the middle of the hand,
Low from honor third,
Standard present count and attitude leads in middle of hand
Coded 9's/10's in certain situations in middle of hand
K from AK and switch on trick two, 2nd suit is stiff,
K from AK on 5 level or higher asks for count even if stiff/ void in dummy.

Defensive Signals

Standard trump suit preference,
Standard suit preference when other carding redundant,
Standard present count.

Vs NT: reverse smith, UDCA
Vs Suits: standard trump suit preference, UDCA